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  1. I used to do escorting in SL, feel free to IM me @ ChibiDragon007 (Saya Forsaken) in world!
  2. I do currently have a parcel with my own personal skybox at the moment, but I have been considering converting it to the hangout type space I've been describing. I would just need people to staff the place and raise funds for some extra decor, furniture, etc.
  3. I'm actually asexual myself, hence the reason why I'm not particularly fond of all the Adult sims that seem to revolve constantly around sex and escort clubs and fetishes. I just want a quiet place to hang out with people and talk, relax, etc. I'm also on the autism spectrum and I was hoping to create a place where those on the spectrum could feel comfortable hanging out and not feel overwhelmed as it were? So many sims seem to be full of noise, loud music, etc. And any that are quiet or the like are dead. I suppose I'm trying to make something of an in-between where people can congregate but not to the point of excess. And the reason I seek an Adult sim is because I want a place where adults can be free to talk about topics that may or may not be too sensitive for children to hear.
  4. It is in fact quite possible to find people in SL that don't like voice or cam. I'm one of them actually. I only chat via text in SL and only rarely voice with those I've known a long time/trust implicitly.
  5. One, I'm not paying for premium as honestly it isn't worth it for the cost. Two, I would like an Adult sim because to put it plain, I don't want little kid avatars running around, especially at a place meant for adults to come socialize and interact with people their own age.
  6. So I don't know if its just me, but I've noticed almost every sim catering to adults is always sex related or adjacent in some form. I was wondering if any place exists for adult avatars that aren't catering towards sex or fetishes, just offering a fun, chill place to relax. And no, I'm not talking about a dance club either. If such a place doesn't yet exist, my hope was to eventually create a place for people to hang out that's quiet, where you can actually talk and hear yourself think without music pumping overhead. I love cute stuff, pastel colors, and anime but that sort of thing seems to indicate a baby-girl type sim which I don't want either. Can anyone offer some ideas or inspiration for me to look for? I'm tired of seeing every Adult place in Second Life being a strip club, fetish sim, BDSM place, you get the idea.
  7. Is this a paid job? Or just roleplay? If it is for pay, I'd be interested.
  8. I’ve been looking to open up a cute fun hang-out type space in SL for adults that isn’t a strip/escort club or sex place. I already have a building I just need land and investment for decor and help with promotion and/or hiring staff. Message me in-world @ ChibiDragon07 (Saya Forsaken)
  9. Hey there! I’ve contemplated starting a business in SL, particularly something like a hang-out/relaxing spot as opposed to the saturation of adult places and strip clubs. I do have a building I could use, but I would need funds to decorate, hire staff, etc. I basically want a place where people can come and chill, with a cute yet elegant vibe. I'm a big fan of cute, kawaii, anime styles so I would want my place to reflect that. Interested? Message me in-world @ChibiDragon007
  10. So basically you want a brand that is like 99% of everything else in SL? Hate to burst your bubble but the “Boujie” look is super common already and plenty of stores already cater to it. Plus if you want someone to create clothes for you - that means hiring a mesher and rigger and most of them will want pay right off the bat for any work they do.
  11. Hey there, it's Chibi! I'm looking for a job in Second Life! Currently I'm looking for work as either a photographer, model, or host. Possibly even a DJ provided someone can show me the ropes of how that works in SL. I also have several years of writing/roleplay experience to bring to the table as well. My hours are pretty flexible, so I can be online at any time except for late night/early morning. My timezone is EST (SLT+3). Want to see my photography/modeling? Check out my Flickr! Interested in hiring me or talking further? Message me in-world @ChibiDragon007 (Saya Forsaken)
  12. There's no real differencce in BOM between the mesh bodies, it's really a preference for how certain BOM skins look on them.
  13. Here's my avatar, my latest photo from my Flickr page. I think she's cute!
  14. How much a full mesh avatar will cost depends heavily on what you want your avatar to look like. However at bare minimum for a good mesh body + mesh head, you're looking at upwards of L$10,000, at least L$3-4k for the body, plus an additional L$5k for a head. That's not including anything like skins, makeup, hair, clothes, etc. So in all honesty you're probably looking at anywhere from L$15,000 - L$25,000 for a high quality full mesh avatar. My recommendation for a mesh body, is the classic go-to that is Maitreya Lara. You have tons of shape options on the Marketplace, as well as near limitless clothing as the majority of designers in SL make clothing for it. A good alternative (albeit more costly) would be the Legacy body. Legacy is very high quality with a great clothing selection. However it is L$5000 compared to the L$2500 for Maitreya Lara. Mesh heads are a different ball game. Demo as many as you can until you find one you like. I personally love the Genus Babyface head, though I also used to use Catwa Catya. Genus heads cost roughly L$4000, and Catwa heads all cost L$5000. As far as skins and makeup go, again demo everything. There are tons of options depending on what head and body you like, and all at varying costs. A good high quality skin can range from L$500-L$1000 depending on the store. Makeup tends to be cheaper. As an example I've attached a picture of my current avatar. She uses Maitreya Lara plus the Maitreya Petite Add-On and Genus Babyface head.
  15. I’m very interested! Message me in-world (ChibiDragon007, Saya Forsaken)! I use Maitreya Lara as well as the Maitreya Petite Add-On.
  16. First of all hate to burst your bubble but nobody is going to want a toddledoo/child avatar model. Almost all models in SL are adult avatars. Second, create a Flickr page to post your photos which will double as a portfolio for people to look at and gauge what you can do.
  17. Honestly its better (and cheaper) to get Maitreya Lara, and if you want smaller breasts - the Lara Petite Add-On. The Add-On is only L$600 and there are already a large amount of clothes made for it, in comparison to Legacy Perky. Not to mention Legacy Perky is a whopping L$5000 for the only difference being breast size compared to original Legacy. Why pay that much for small breasts in the first place!? Also I've heard way more negatives about Legacy than positives tbh.
  18. I've honestly never used BOM for Genus eyes as they already are Omega compatible right out of the box so there really is no need for BOM for them. However I was under the impression they were BOM compatible since a lot of eyes I've bought for Genus also come with BOM layers...
  19. Hey there everyone! I'm looking for in-world employment aka a job! What I'm Seeking: Steady L$ pay, either via tips or hourly wage preferred Flexible hours. I don't want to be bound to my PC and SL all day, everyday for a job. Somewhere I can use my writing and clerical skills, as well as roleplay should the job require it. What I Offer: Several years of writing experience both in-world and in real life. I've written prose, blog posts, newspaper articles, and more! Clerical skills that can be applied to various Second Life businesses Modeling and Photography ability as shown on my Flickr page linked below. High quality, full mesh avatar. Currently I wear a Genus Babyface head, and Maitreya Lara body with and without the Petite Add-On. Wide variety of hairstyles, make-up and clothing for my avatar to use as needed for photographs or modeling purposes. Various avatar looks including anime and furry/scaly options! Fast typing skills - I can type over 90wpm! Skills with programs outside of SL. I have experience with Wordpress, Photoscape X (a free program similar to Photoshop). My Limits: No stripping or escorting. I do not perform those type of jobs anymore due to personal reasons. No forcing me to change my avatar too much. I have a look that I've spent a long time perfecting and settling on. I'm tired of being told to change it over and over. No working at clubs. As much as the club scene can be fun, it is also full of drama that I would like to avoid. So please, no links to clubs that are hiring or applications. No bringing RL into SL. I keep SL and my RL apart, and would ask that be respected. Any kind of harassment or asking for RL information will get you reported to Linden Labs and blocked. I do not talk very often on voice, as I prefer to type, and type faster than I speak. Please respect that. Examples of my modeling and photography can be found on my Flickr page. I specialize mainly in fantasy and anime/kawaii looks, but I am open to other ideas as well. My rate for modeling/photography at present is L$500/per photo. Want to discuss further? Message me in-world! You can find me @ChibiDragon007
  20. I thought it was the Venus, which is one that I have but the shape looks a bit too rounded I think. Might have to double check though.
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