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  1. Hello there! My name is Saya Forsaken (also known as ChibiDragon007 in-world), and I'm seeking employment! I've grown tired of working in the Adult entertainment side of Second Life and want to branch out to try other things. At present I have skills in freelance modeling and photography, as well as general office work, clerical work and writing. Need a freelance model? I can wear a variety of looks from kawaii to hot couture. I can model for products, magazines, advertisements or anything else you may require. However I do not wish to do any kind of pornographic or erotic photography at this time. Want to hire me for photography? I've been practicing photography in SL for a few months now and would love to add to my portfolio. At present I'm seeking to charge $500L for raw, unedited photos straight from in-world, and $800L for edited "artistic" photos (this includes mild touch-ups to avatar appearance, lighting, etc. However I do not re-draw hair, clothes, or alter skin-tones). I can offer photos for profiles, modeling, products, etc. Need someone to help out with office work such as writing up documents, handling customers, etc? I can do that for you! As someone who works in an office setting IRL, I'm experienced with doing clerical duties such as filing, customer service, and the like. Contact Me In-World: ChibiDragon007 Contact Me via E-Mail: ChibiDragonessa007@gmail.com Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/chibidragon007/
  2. I would have loved to apply but your form says it is no longer accepting responses.
  3. Highly doubt it, they don't re-hire former employees. Says so on the application last I checked.
  4. It's getting said 'regulars' that is the struggle. And what I said still stands, as a text escort its much harder to make $$ because guys lately want IRL women, they want voice and cam. Since I'm not comfortable doing either of those services, text is what I have to work with.
  5. Well... most dancer jobs require you to get topless and/or naked. That's what stripping is. Also not many places hire anime avatars, most clubs will want you to be human only with a body such as Maitreya, Belleza, etc and a head like Catwa, Genus, etc.
  6. A husky femboy? Hoo boy, going to be dead honest and say I wish you luck. Most clubs hiring hosts and/or strippers want females and that includes furries. If you're male in any capacity you won't make nearly as much. Though there are definitely clubs out there catering to that particular niche as well as furry places (GYC, Yiff, Neon Paw are a few examples). Hosting also isn't all that lucrative unless you work at a place that gets lots of traffic and people generous enough to actually want to tip.
  7. Unfortunately the only jobs that pay well are the stripping and escorting type jobs. Photography generally doesn't pay much at all, modeling you won't make anything except being paid in whatever clothes for brands you blog for at the time. I've worked at several clubs in SL as a dancer/escort here and there, and that is where the $$ tends to be. If you don't feel comfortable doing voice or cam (I don't do either), text escorting is a thing and it's basically just role-playing sex for money. You can also just be a dancer at a club which if you're lucky can make you the occasional $L but not enough to cash out into RL if that is what you are trying to do. Basically don't sacrifice your IRL day job for an SL one. There really isn't any money to be made IRL but if you're in it just for fun to get nice things for your avatar, go for it.
  8. The only con I’ve had so far with the Genus Babyface head is the eyes rolling up in the head a la the Exorcist. You can mitigate this with going into Preferences to disable random eye movements but it’s really a rigging issue with how the eyes are set within the head... and unfortunately the creator can’t be assed to actually bother to fix it. The HUD is a bit clunky but far better than Catwa’s with their 50,000 buttons for everything and doesn’t have the goddamn eye makeup/eyebrow applied layers issue that plagued those heads. What I really love too is the lack of perpetual duck lips that seem to be in fashion for other head brands lately. Hands-down the most gorgeous looking heads, Babyface is super cute and perfect for the soft kawaii look.
  9. Unfortunately most if not all dancing jobs in SL equate to stripping. And to be honest dancing won’t make you much these days.
  10. Not to mention it states on the application that the modeling position is only for “exposure” with zero guarantee of payment. If I’m going to model for someone I want to know I’d be paid for my time.
  11. I submitted a model application, I hope to hear from you soon!
  12. I’m highly interested in this. Contact me in-world, ChibiDragon007
  13. Not to mention if you fail their application process they'll ban you from the sim too.
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