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  1. There's no real differencce in BOM between the mesh bodies, it's really a preference for how certain BOM skins look on them.
  2. Here's my avatar, my latest photo from my Flickr page. I think she's cute!
  3. How much a full mesh avatar will cost depends heavily on what you want your avatar to look like. However at bare minimum for a good mesh body + mesh head, you're looking at upwards of L$10,000, at least L$3-4k for the body, plus an additional L$5k for a head. That's not including anything like skins, makeup, hair, clothes, etc. So in all honesty you're probably looking at anywhere from L$15,000 - L$25,000 for a high quality full mesh avatar. My recommendation for a mesh body, is the classic go-to that is Maitreya Lara. You have tons of shape options on the Marketplace, as well as near li
  4. I’m very interested! Message me in-world (ChibiDragon007, Saya Forsaken)! I use Maitreya Lara as well as the Maitreya Petite Add-On.
  5. First of all hate to burst your bubble but nobody is going to want a toddledoo/child avatar model. Almost all models in SL are adult avatars. Second, create a Flickr page to post your photos which will double as a portfolio for people to look at and gauge what you can do.
  6. Honestly its better (and cheaper) to get Maitreya Lara, and if you want smaller breasts - the Lara Petite Add-On. The Add-On is only L$600 and there are already a large amount of clothes made for it, in comparison to Legacy Perky. Not to mention Legacy Perky is a whopping L$5000 for the only difference being breast size compared to original Legacy. Why pay that much for small breasts in the first place!? Also I've heard way more negatives about Legacy than positives tbh.
  7. I've honestly never used BOM for Genus eyes as they already are Omega compatible right out of the box so there really is no need for BOM for them. However I was under the impression they were BOM compatible since a lot of eyes I've bought for Genus also come with BOM layers...
  8. Hey there everyone! I'm looking for in-world employment aka a job! What I'm Seeking: Steady L$ pay, either via tips or hourly wage preferred Flexible hours. I don't want to be bound to my PC and SL all day, everyday for a job. Somewhere I can use my writing and clerical skills, as well as roleplay should the job require it. What I Offer: Several years of writing experience both in-world and in real life. I've written prose, blog posts, newspaper articles, and more! Clerical skills that can be applied to various Second Life businesses Modeling and Ph
  9. I thought it was the Venus, which is one that I have but the shape looks a bit too rounded I think. Might have to double check though.
  10. So I freaking love how pretty this avatar is. I want to know what head/skin she's using. I feel like its one of Utilizator's anime heads but I'm not 100% sure on that. I know the body at least is Maitreya though. For the life of me however I cannot pin-point where that beautiful skin she's using is from or if it's a custom piece she made on her own. Obviously its been heavily photo-shopped in this image, but there has to be something she's using as a base, yeah? I'm really hoping its one I can find to use for myself though. Can someone help me recreate this avatar? It's literally what I've alw
  11. I was a co-owner of a new strip club and the owner of the club has harassed me, fired me from her staff, and scammed me out of over 10,000L that I invested into decorating the club, renting ad-boards for advertisement and hiring staff. She completely shut down the club and left only an empty platform behind and made off with whatever she could. After shutting down the club she has proceeded to harass me, and claim that I'm lying. The only reason she did this is because I told her that her friend that she claimed was a decorator was putting in new furniture that looked cheap and didn't match th
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