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  1. So I can't even login to SL without issues now, it keeps hanging repeatedly upon login with checking stability requirements. And then when it finally lets me in-world, the sim I'm in is barely even loaded properly with bits and pieces of stuff everywhere. My avatar is still an orange cloud. I've tried the latest version of Firestorm, as well as the default LL viewer and get the same results. I tried clearing caches, and that didn't help either. So I'm really thinking this is a big problem on Second LIfe's end and not my viewer or internet or what not. Funny thing is, SL was working just fine for me earlier this afternoon and only now am I having all these issues.
  2. I'm having this exact issue repeatedly as well. I keep getting disconnected trying to teleport to another sim. That and upon login, I stay as an orange cloud far longer than normal and only bits and pieces of the sim I am logging in at are loading in. Same with avatars, only bits and pieces loading in (like some have hair, others are just floating heads, etc). Not sure if its an internet issue or something else on SL's end of things. Either way its frustrating because I just want to hang out with my friends and chat. :C
  3. So I recently went to edit some of my new listings (aka purging the ridiculous amount of gacha items in my inventory send help) and in my list on the Marketplace website I've noticed some that are active listings but they are completely blank. As in there's no name or anything but the checkmark is green as if the listing is active. When I look at the listings in-world they are all named correctly in the "Marketplace Listings" window that shows up with the list of folders and such. Is there a fix for this discrepancy between what is shown in-world and on the website?
  4. The avatar was clearly portraying a child, using what looked like a toddledeedo or tween style body and head, and at the time OP and I were there was receiving a lap dance service from the owner of the club. The only reason they allow that child avatar aka alien is because “He tips very well.”
  5. I'm going to be outing myself here - I was there. I'm the friend in question that accompanied the OP to the club in question and messaged the manager in regards to the child avatar being present on the club sim. Two owners were also present and neither did anything to remove the child avatar from the sim, instead banning OP and I without any warning. Now, I understand that LL will not intercede on personal dispute matters, but I feel this is a very different case. Even without the images present any longer (thank you mods for removing them, we were not aware of the name/shame rule being present, apologies!) it is very clear that this club's behavior is not appropriate. Claiming some avatar is an "alien" when it clearly uses a variation of tweenster body with head and some weird makeup choices is not a good thing. And the adult parts were censored out. OP censored out the boobs on the one dancer and re-posted an edited pic blurring out names on the right in the chat window as as well.
  6. How is it false accusations when the images clearly show a child avatar in an adult rated club? I see nothing false about that. But the images are gone now, so.
  7. I also messaged the sim owner regarding the avatar in question (the one highlighted in red in the image) and was banned with no comment from the owner, even though the sim owner claimed they had contacted me. I think this constitutes a child avatar yes? And this breaks LL TOS by having a child avatar in an 18+ Adult rated sim/strip club/escort club.
  8. UPDATE: So I'm about 99% sure that it is SL causing most of the issues with my Macbook Pro. Both the default viewer and Firestorm cause massive heat generation and the fans sound like a jet engine, even when running for only a short amount of time regardless of what sims I'm on. I tested both empty and crowded sims and my settings are kept at the automatically detected medium. So from my research on everything, I can safely conclude that Macbook Pro laptops are NOT suitable for using Second Life. I hope to switch to a PC in the near future. However, I did have great experiences with the iMac desktop computers when I used both the default LL viewer and Second Life. Those can run it very well.
  9. i think that’s going to have to be my option I think, as much as I loathe the UI of the default viewer...
  10. Also to update this thread, I'm still having issues with Second Life/Firestorm on my Mac. It still uses a crap-ton of memory and with Activity Monitor on I'm getting similar if not the same numbers my previous laptop got. Even if memory pressure and such is in the green, Second Life should NOT be pushing a computer this hard just to run regardless of what sims I"m on or otherwise. I had every setting turned extremely low last night when working an event that had multiple people on the sim (over thirty at the highest before I left) and Second Life crashed on me at least three or more times, and locked up repeatedly due to extreme lag in the region. Now that may be just a Second Life issue and not necessarily a computer one, since SL is a decade old program. Or is it simply an issue with Firestorm? I don't think it's entirely a graphics card issue (though I'm starting to think that may actually be the problem, as Macbook Pros don't have dedicated graphics cards unless you get a 15 or 17 inch model) but I'm not sure. Basically I've tried everything I know to reduce lag, to stop my fans sounding like a jet engine and I can't manage that. So my options are to quit Second Life until I get a new computer, or switch to the default LL viewer? Anyone have suggestions on what I could do?
  11. Yeah I've noticed that too, a lot of dullahan host plugins, etc. From what I've read the newest version of FS 6.0.1 is less of a stable version and more of a preview of things to come in later updates? I'm not entirely sure but good lord. I tried to work an event last night in SL and crashed multiple times because FS apparently can't handle a handful of people in a sim even at the lowest possible settings with everything turned down to lowest you can get.
  12. Isn't the "Eternal Conflict" game basically an off-shoot of Bloodlines? As I recall Bloodlines also has Angels and Demons now, as well as Vampires, Lycans, and Hybrids, and Humans.
  13. The memory only ever hits 5.76gb and up when Firestorm is active. If Firestorm is closed, then my laptop using maybe 2-3gb which is fairly normal. That screenshot is with no other program running aside from FS. Baseline usage for a Macbook Pro (at least the ones I've used) is around 2-3gb, sometimes a touch more if I'm doing some intense online browsing or what not. However, since Firestorm is intensely CPU heavy rather than using the GPU like any normal program would, it puts a lot more strain on my Macbook Pro's system, regardless of settings I've used. I've come to the conclusion that I can't play SL anymore since I don't want to risk frying my laptop or something over a game. Now I can play other games on my Macbook Pro (WoW, Hearthstone, etc) which are optimized properly for the system and run well. Second Life on the other hand is a decade old 'game' that hasn't been optimized at all for modern hardware likely outside of the LL Viewer.
  14. Way to go completely off-topic my dude. But for reference, the Apple Store exchanged my old Macbook for the new one I'm using. And the issue with Firestorm isn't simply my Macbook not being able to handle the program. On older versions of the viewer I didn't experience this issue at all, barely any heating whatsoever. This newest version clearly has a memory leak issue of some kind going on, and the Firestorm Support group in world had other group members experiencing the same thing. Both other Mac users and those on Windows 10 were dealing with it. It's something the devs either haven't seen yet or seem adamant on not fixing.
  15. Mine has gone up over 3gb whenever I've run it. My settings were the ones that were automatically detected by the viewer, no changes made. I did experiment on my previous laptop by lowering complexities but that didn't do much to alleviate the problem. Along with the memory leaking it makes my Macbook Pro that I have now (and this is a fresh from the factory, brand new 2018 model) heat up like hell. A couple pictures attached for reference btw. Those were taken while ONLY Firestorm was running. That 5.76 number actually shot up to a whopping 6.9 at times.
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