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  1. So I've been trying to find a way to utilize my skills in SL and earn some $L. The majority of my talents lie in writing, I am excellent at various types of writing from role-playing to social media management and clerical work, including document editing. I also have some experience as an SL photographer and model, as well as doing work in the Adult sector of SL as a dancer/text escort. In essence, I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. Photography examples can be found on my Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/chibidragon007 Interested in hiring me? Contact me in-world --> ChibiDragon007 (aka Saya). You can also message me here via the forums too. My timezone is EST.
  2. If they sit in a chair, are they expected to tip? You aren't expected to tip as soon as you sit down, but if you are spending a significant amount of time in the club without tipping at all, then that is considered poor form. The girls are working hard to entertain you and deserve something for their time. How often should they tip? What factors might affect it? You don't need to tip like crazy (unless that's your thing) but a tip every couple hours or so is a good start. It also really depends on how much you have in your wallet! Generally the girls that get the most tips are the ones that do voice/text escort services, and they expect big tips for their work. Dancers generally are there to strip and look pretty, act as "eye candy" if you will - so they don't make quite as much. But as a general rule of thumb, you should always tip no matter what the girl does. Is there a guideline for how much the tips should be? Most if not all clubs have standard rate guidelines posted somewhere in the club. The base rate for stripping at almost every place I've worked at or visited is $500L to get a girl topless, and $1000L to get her nude. Lapdances and stage-side cuddles cost extra on top of that. Anything beyond that is up to the girl's discretion depending on how much they charge for specific services. What are some tipping pet peeves that really upset you? The big thing that upsets me the most as a Dancer is the guys that come in expecting freebies and not wanting to tip in the first place. Like, if you're there at a club to get a pretty lady to play with you, you have to pay for services. That's the rule and there's no way around it. I also really hate the arrogant types who throw in 1L and act like they're doing the girls a favor. Like, ***** off with that *****. Seriously. The other thing I hate beyond all reason is a guy that comes in for two seconds, gets greeted by a girl, and then the guy leaves.
  3. I agree what you are doing is consistent spamming of the forums, which is against the rules. Not to mention other things...
  4. So I am looking for more modeling opportunities in Second Life. I really enjoy having my avatar photographed/taking pictures of my avi. My avatar has a bit more of an anime look however, which has made it difficult to find work in-world, as many places require avatars to be human-only and various other restrictions. This is my current look at the moment (photo I took!), but I have other outfits too of course. Anyone know of places hiring models like me? Thi
  5. Modeling in SL is a hell of a crapshoot. Most 'modeling' places in SL are agencies that have restrictions on what avatars can and can't look like. You probably won't get paid for modeling unless you get really lucky. Generally models create a Flickr account to post photos to and link said account in their profile in-world (I have a link to mine in my in-world profile). If you're going make a career out of it, another rule of thumb is connections. Modeling is less about skill and more about who you know that can get you a foot in the door.
  6. I've seen threads asking about the best clubs or the most high traffic clubs here... but what about the ones that should be avoided? I've never seen anyone list those and I'm genuinely curious. I know it mostly comes down to personal preference of course, but I am interested in knowing what to avoid should I decide to work at a club again.
  7. Clubs that claim they give hourly wage are the ones where girls don't make very much in tips so they have to give the girls something to give an incentive to work there.
  8. Yeah on their application/notecards there is a 'secret phrase' or something. One of those "If you've read this please show it off in public chat during interview." Last I checked I think it was along the lines of, "___ has stolen my purse! Get away from me!" or similar and you had to copy-paste it into local chat during your interview to confirm you read their notecards they gave you with all of their rules and such. They have some crazy rules too... like forget about having friends coming by to say hi, you can't have friends hang out with you at the club. Basically you can't have anyone come to chill with you unless they're paying for a service.
  9. Well as someone who dabbles in freelancing (and has worked at a few clubs), the girls that make that $40,000L a month are also offering voice and cam services on top of text escorting in-world. That is the ONLY way to make substantial $L if you plan on being an escort. Clubs are also very hit or miss in terms of making tips as well. Some days you'll make maybe $1-2k at most, other times barely scratch past $100. It varies and its hard. The other key component is how well said prostitutes market themselves. The really good ones that make big business are the ones that have tons of ad-boards on all of the adult-rated sims. Escort Oasis is a prime spot to scope out the ad-boards and see which clubs and girls are advertising. It also isn't a bad idea to grab some of their rate cards and compare/contrast rates as well. From my experience the standard low end hourly rate is about $3000L/hour though I've seen girls charge anywhere from $5000 to even $8000+ per hour just for text escorting. Voice and cam girls charge substantially more. When it comes to clubs, the ones that require that their girls be "human only" (no elf ears, no wings or tails, etc) tend to be the ones that get the most traffic. 'Themed' clubs that cater to very specific niches like anime don't get nearly as much traffic. One of the most heavily advertised clubs on the grid these days is 'Plush' I believe, with 'IMPACT' at a close second in terms of ad-boards I've seen all over the place.
  10. I'm not really experienced in male heads or bodies, but generally when you buy a mesh body you'll want a high quality skin and shape to go with it. The skin and shape will drastically impact the overall look of your avatar so keep that in mind. Most people from my experience tend to favor Catwa heads for the huge amount of available skins, makeup and customization that comes with it.
  11. My avatar is I suppose, a way for me to live fantasies or do things I couldn't necessarily do or feel comfortable doing in RL. I do a lot of things (such as stripping and escorting) in Second Life via my avatar that I would absolutely never do IRL. So my avatar allows me to dabble in those things and see what it is like. Basically my avatar is an extension of myself but also gives me the ability to try new things.
  12. I demo'd the Legacy body recently for the heck of it and it is a very pretty looking mesh body I'll give it that much. but the whopping $5000L price tag is absolutely insane, especially when mesh bodies these days go for as cheap as $2500 for the Maitreya Lara as an example. Besides I've also read some skeevy things about TMP, so that also turns me off from possibly investing in it.
  13. This club is great except if you miss even one small 'secret phrase' on the note-card during the interview process, you're kicked out the door and can't even re-apply to work there if you wanted to do so. I got all the way through the interview process (which took over a week because the girl in charge of interviewing new hires almost forgot about me until I messaged her a couple of times), missed the secret phrase and was told I couldn't be hired. Recently I inquired about possibly applying again and was told two completely different things. One employee (a friend of mine) stated that it was possible to re-apply. Another club employee rudely told me that they don't accept re-hires after I politely inquired. Some consistency on that matter would be nice.
  14. So I've run into an odd issue while using the latest version of Firestorm. I can't seem to get sounds to work at all lately, especially voice chat. Voice is constantly cutting in and out when friends try to talk to me, and I can no longer hear sounds playing from things like the typer that I use, nor hear other friends typing. I went through all of my sound settings both in Firestorm and my laptop and I have no clue if its a computer issue or viewer issue. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m using the latest Mac version of Firestorm,
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