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  1. I freelance escort sometimes and dabble in findom here and there. Mostly for the $L to go shopping. I do text escorting when I do anything of that nature. Feel free to say hi in-world!
  2. Lmao when you have to list the owner not competing with the workers for tips as a “perk” that’s not a good sign...
  3. I’ve only revealed RL stuff to close friends in SL that I trust implicitly. Generally I keep SL and RL very far apart. I never give out pics or anything and state as much in my profile. Only RL info in my profile is my age and gender. Nothing else needs to be given.
  4. The petite add on comes with its own HUD that has BOM enabled. Just click the Bakes on Mesh button like you would with the normal Maitreya body HUD. I use a BOM skin with mine and it works flawless.
  5. I got the Unicorn version!
  6. I recently just purchased the Maitreya Petite and its super cute, I love it. Unfortunately the lack of clothes is disappointing. I only know of two off the top of my head that have made exactly one product enabled for it - Erratic (they have a group gift shirt), and Addams (the Philomena set), as well as the lingerie that comes with the Petite add-on itself. What I do like best about this is that it is far cheaper than the Legacy Perky which is over $5k for what is basically the same body as the original Legacy with tinier breasts. Robbery.
  7. Hey there! My name's Chibi (or Saya if you prefer), and I'm looking for work! I have experience in multiple fields with Second Life, from the Adult industry as a Dancer/Text Escort to dabbling in the worlds of modeling and photography. You could say I'm a bit of a jack of all trades! At present I'm looking for employment, be it at a club or working for someone. Aside from the ability to RP, I also have skills in clerical work, data entry, and the like for those seeking an office assistant too! I would prefer to work somewhere/with someone that can offer a good hourly salary rather than free or volunteer based work. Interested in working together? You can message me in-world @ChibiDragon007. Examples of my photography can be found on my Flickr page.
  8. If you work at a club report him to management, they can eject or ban him for harassment.
  9. I never disputed or argued with the interviewer at any time, so your records are completely false. I did express confusion as to how I missed the word on the note card, which is something I was never told about in the interview at all. Not to mention I had to wait over a week to even get an interview because nobody communicates at your club to save their lives. Most clubs get back to you within one to two days for an interview. I also recall asking a staff member if it is possible for someone who failed an interview to be able to apply again and was rudely informed that I was unable to do so and ejected from the sim.
  10. How about mentioning how you ban people for simply looking to book a freelance board and exploring the club? I got banned for absolutely zero reason when I was searching for a freelance board.
  11. They charge you to apply now what the hell?! They also ban you from the sim if you fail the interview too - as I did because I missed one word on a notecard I was told to read over. Such BS.
  12. The fact that you aren’t even disclosing the brand name, what type of fashion it specializes in or anything that would make it easier for prospective staff to decide if they’d like to work for you is still sketchy and an issue. Just saying to “send a NC with your info” is very unprofessional. As someone who has done interviews before and who prefers to research a place before potentially working for it you are doing a disservice to people seeking jobs in SL.
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