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    Name Question

    Hello, and sorry if this has been answered (terrible at forum searching) But I was wondering if any information regarding the return of last names has been put out. (other than its happening) My question is does anyone know if we will be able to do a complete username change with this? Or is it just adding last names thing. I moved to an alt a while ago due to username....but would love to be able to go back to the person with years worth of stuff obtained if that might be an option.
  2. So, I found out yesterday that a merchant can have negative reviews removed. There is no review, process, or research involved they simply can get them removed. This got me thinking. Ever buy an item and wonder why all the positive reviews when its not a good item? Well the answer is that all the bad reviews were probably deleted. Wanted to put the word out in case people did not know, that reviews, or LL have absolutely ZERO credibility on the MP.
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