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  1. I ordered an item from Sasha and I was extremely happy with the quality and price of the product and the speed of delivery. sasha - I would like to order another please, very similar to the last , thanks
  2. Have you tried the WW2 sim at New Bastogne? Mostly combat but it’s crying out for some non combat roleplay, just for variety
  3. What a fascinating thread, particularly because it offers a global perspective about Remembrance. I am in the UK. I make no secret of it: I dislike the white poppy because it has politicised the issue and it offers a very narrow agenda and also takes away charitable money from those who need it. The British Legion red poppy is and always has been inclusive and recognises all those who have suffered from warfare, military and civilians, all races and colours etc But what I will say is that all those who served gave us the freedom to make choices and for some people, that choice includes having the freedom to wear whatever poppy they wish to or even decide not to wear a poppy. That is what is compelling about Remembrance: our very freedoms have arrived, in some part, from others’ sacrifices.
  4. Did you ever resolve this? This seems to be a real potential asset to VICE combat
  5. Looking to hire a 1940s style burlesque dancer for a very small club. Nothing confirmed but would like to discuss fee, roleplay, format please
  6. Very happy with the small item (medallion) that Minthel made for me. Nice item and very fast work to deliver it. Thankyou
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