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  1. I visited several times between 2010-2011, so years ago. Wonderful place but it was empty then also
  2. Great thread, thanks for posting. I first logged on in late 2005. I stood around with a cluster of other people. I had no idea what to do or where to go and I seem to recall believing that 1L$ was equivalent to 1US$ making everything massively expensive. SL was therefore pricey, boring and incomprehensible. Oddly enough, I still feel the same today. (I still don’t understand why my preferred name Godwinson was rejected by SL) When I returned years later, at the prompting of a friend to do so, I couldn’t remember my log in details nor did my email account seem to be registered.
  3. Hm, conservatives and their bravado. I suppose you are allowed to say that in the same way I can say: those greedy, selfish socialists with their envy and greed. Did I mention greed? Especially if you believe it’s socialism that keeps people down and out. Which it does. I guess those freedoms allow us to confront challenges in ways which make sense to us as individuals. Bit of bravado never goes a miss. It is part of that training so when confronted with a casualty from whatever affliction, you reassure them, talk to them, encourage them. And absolutely tell them to fight and h
  4. If the Axis won WW2, then the only logical reason for that outcome is that the Axis, meaning Germany, won the race to develop an atomic weapon. Germany may have beaten the Soviet Union but it would have had little chance of invading the UK and stood no chance whatsoever of invading the USA. Only an atomic weapon would have changed the balance of power to the extent that the USA would have forced to sue for peace. And even then, Germany would have never been able to physically occupy the US. As for the consequences......that’s impossible to consider. Too many unknown variabl
  5. Generally in the UK, we alternate between a left of centre government and a right of centre government. Nothing really significant changes. Thatcher’s government of the eighties repaired the UK’s economy and dragged the UK into financial sobriety. Blair’s government then reinvested some of that financial security back into society. Every few years, it all balances out. The NHS is safe, education will be safe, defence will be safe. Anything else is hysterical nonsense or just lies. A key difference this time was that the UK was offered a far left alternative for the first time for dec
  6. Duchy of Schleswig is active. I just joined Sadly, the House of York sim recently closed
  7. My most memorable, rewarding and vivid RP experience happened to other people. And I deeply regret never having the courage to ask to get involved. Antiquity, when I saw it circa 2009-2011, was full of pirates. But the real power was vested in New Brunswick (Duchy of ???). They had a small but regular team of roleplayers, all happy to defer to an established hierarchy. They had a Navy of 3 or 4 regular individuals who were happy to squish pirates and were augmented by 3 or 4 less regular roleplayers who would get stuck in. Plus they had an army who were very simply, invincible. It wa
  8. I ordered an item from Sasha and I was extremely happy with the quality and price of the product and the speed of delivery. sasha - I would like to order another please, very similar to the last , thanks
  9. Have you tried the WW2 sim at New Bastogne? Mostly combat but it’s crying out for some non combat roleplay, just for variety
  10. What a fascinating thread, particularly because it offers a global perspective about Remembrance. I am in the UK. I make no secret of it: I dislike the white poppy because it has politicised the issue and it offers a very narrow agenda and also takes away charitable money from those who need it. The British Legion red poppy is and always has been inclusive and recognises all those who have suffered from warfare, military and civilians, all races and colours etc But what I will say is that all those who served gave us the freedom to make choices and for some people, that choice includ
  11. Did you ever resolve this? This seems to be a real potential asset to VICE combat
  12. Looking to hire a 1940s style burlesque dancer for a very small club. Nothing confirmed but would like to discuss fee, roleplay, format please
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