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  1. Yes. Wear your head alpha and apply the skin or take the head alpha off and enable BOM and wear a system skin. Both work!
  2. You can use an applier skin on you head and a BOM on your body. Up until I bought the new Lelutka Evo head, I used a Not Found applier skin on my Genus head because they had/have not updated to BOM but I loved the skin. I then used a Skinnery neck blender and the Skinnery system foot and hand fix and an old Glance skin on my Legacy body applied BOM. I am now full BOM and living it.
  3. I followed everyone in here you linked their Flickr! Looking forward to seeing your photos 🙂
  4. The skin store named Not Found has a few Asian skins that may appeal to you. Here is an example:
  5. Shaeloni

    Legacy Love

    This is how I feel exactly. I bought it for my use now. I am not worried about the future because by then I will likely have moved on to the latest and greatest new thing anyway. And I always have my Belleza Isis I adore. I kind of think of it as the debate I have with a friend of mine over mainland versus estate land. I don't like mainland for various reasons. My friend always tells me he would not live on estate land because that land baron could go out of business and you could lose your land at any time. I always shrug and say, "or your LL payment method might expire and your account will be locked, or LL closes it's doors." I pay by the week and if my lose my estate land, then I go buy land someplace else.
  6. Shaeloni

    Legacy Love

    I am finding that a lot (if not most) of the new releases I see have Legacy sizes. That was why I decided to take the splurge. I love Belleza Isis but a lot of people do not make sizes for it so I found my options limited. Plus, I have to admit that I like new "toys" to play with. I can see in Jaylah's pic the difference between the two bodies. The Legacy looks better to me. Pic attached of my avie in Legacy 🙂
  7. If you want to go back to the avie you had when you were brand spanking new, you can always use Firestorm to go to Avatar - Avatar Health - Reset Default Male/Female Avatar.
  8. Shaeloni

    Legacy Love

    I posted on this body in another thread a couple of weeks ago, and I was warning people off of it. However, now that I've had it a couple of weeks, I really like it. It has all the right curves in all the right places. Belleza bodies are a close second for me but Legacy wins out. I am use to the HUD now but I really don't use it much once I had things set. It took me a bit to figure out the BOM, but now that I have that ironed out I am good to go. I love how you can export your alpha cuts, too. It has the shape I like. I mean look at xBaeBeex pics. I don't have mine quite that curvy, but I love her shape. She looks stunning. I feel like I could never go back to a Maitreya body ever again. I will have to post a pic soon.
  9. I bought it. I love the shape of it. I mean, that is the reason almost all of us buy it. Would I recommend it now that I own it and have played with it a bit? No, I would not and for most of the reasons the OP listed.
  10. I truly appreciate the help. I got the hair and I love it. Thank you again!
  11. I have been trying unsuccessfully yo find this hair. I messaged the creator of this advert, but he/she has not replied. I hope someone here may have a clue as to where I can find it. Thank you for any help!
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