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  1. Hello everyone! I am hair creator and i noticed that my alpha PNG is very very heavy, my mesh has 3000 complexity, when I add alpha png, it goes to "14.000 complexity (sizes 1024x1024), how can i solve it? what type of archives (format) do you guys use for alpha textuers? Thanks ^^ <3
  2. thank you so much! ^^
  3. (LOOK THE PIC) Hello guys, i want to ask something really important about display section, i want to know why does it happens... when I tried it on my own hair (linking & unlinking), i can't see a big difference about each other in display section like this hair from truth. I really want to understand about it, what does it means? I tought it was a way to decrease display status, but it doesn't work to me. It's a BIG difference, it doesn't looks normal Thanks for the attention <3 ^^
  4. it works, but i noticed that some hair stores, like truth, have a display with 79000 and the hair has only 5000 complexity, i don't understand, how it is possible? an another cheat?
  5. Hello everyone, i am hair creator and i'm having a problem, i don't know why but my hair have a HIGH complexity, my hair have only 4572 vertex and is with 2000 complexity, WITHOUT ANY TEXTURE! I don't know what to do... I must be doing something wrong in the export options... i've already disabled sound, animation, light, i'm MAYA user, what should I do? Thanks for the patience <3
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