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  1. Dymind Skye Entertainment is seeking talented people to help launch and grow this company. We are looking for actors, actresses, adult models, singers, writers and much more. Sales team works on a commission based salary, you will keep 85% of your sales. Message/drop a note card to RubyDymind asap.
  2. DSE (Dymind Skye Entertainment) is seeking up and coming singers, and people who would like to become an in-world singer for their forthcoming competition series Pixel Popstar! Twelve contestants will compete against each other to win an exclusive deal with DSE and $50,000L. Please message/drop a note card to RubyDymind today for more information!
  3. If you would like a starting rate of 500L for photos, and 1000L per video please contact me in-world. RubyDymind Resident. I am seeking adult male models.
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