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  1. Hello there, I´m new at SL and when i say new i mean it literally, i just downloaded the game. --------[Some context, skip it if you dont care why im asking]--------- The reason i got interested in SL on the first place was because of some images i dont even remember how i came across, like this: http://www.secondcitizen.net/Forum/showthread.php?t=20606&styleid=6 See, i have some... kinky tastes, and the second i saw that it caught my attention, so i started to investigate on my own and found some pretty interesting things such as this: The pics alone were enough to caught my attention, but what really convinced me was that text there, i mean, there is even slave auctions and such? This one wants... Im into BDSM, so im sure you can see now why i downloaded this game after seeing that -I had never really paid much attention to SL until now- and i would like to try SL on a Sub style, being collared and being someone´s property? Sign me in! ------- [End of context] ------ Now, of course everything has rules and such, and as a new player im not very familiar with the way it goes around SL on this aspect, so i was hoping someone could provide me with some tips as to geting started, or even be a friendly guide! so, any advice would be very apreciated. The second thing i wanted to ask was about all the BDSM items, scripts and all of that stuff, thats because while i was investigating i found tutorials about animation and other topics, but i still dont know how it works, like, you need A in order for B to work or something? -One example would be some sims mods, where you need a framework for other animation mods to work- and are there some basic things that i would need to get or activate in order for everything else to work or each thing works individually? Ive searched for something like a general guide or anything like that but the only remotely thing i found was another "getting started" post, but that was too long and a little... to enthusiastic i think, it wasnt really much help, so im hoping that a fresh new post could make things clear for me and anyone else who might have a similar question in the future. By the way, people do still play this right? or have i stumbled upon the remains of a lost civilization?
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