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  1. Ah ok, so i'm not going mad then. ;-) ok thanks for the replys, I guess I'll have to wait for Glam Affair to release something. Thank you.
  2. The polar skin tone is preinstalled in the Lelutka heads? I can't find it if it is. there are a number of tones included but not the polar one as far as I can tell. I had to buy it seperatly for the the Maitreya body. Do you have the LeLutka head? could you shown me where on the hud the polar skin tone is? I'm really confused now. Thank you for you reply.
  3. Hi, I have the Cate head from Lelutka and the Maitreya body, I puchased the Polar maitreya skin tone from Glam affair and I really like it but I cant seem to find where to get the same tone for the Lelutka Cate head. I've looked in the stores for both lelutka and Glam Affair, also tried google with no luck finding what I need. Does anybody know what i am missing or need to buy? is it included with the Lelutka head? I'm confused. Thanks
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