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  1. I'm interested in getting into bdsm, bloodlines was a side effect, I did not expect. For that, mixing up bdsm (with absolute submission) and Bloodlines and an additional Slavery/ Prison - Sim - Theme is dangerous for anyone, who walks in too naive. I confess, in doing RP I was. In reality I was not. It did me cost nothing but experience, what I will avoid in future and a mistake will only be a mistake if you make it the second time ( Even if some mistakes are just too beautiful not to commit them several times). I got out of it now and so will my Mistress. I am in harmony with her and you will not hear a word of criticism about her. I thank all, who invited me in more respectable clans, maybe we'll come to that in later times. One last word as goodbye to a king who used informations IC, he got in OOC, and was upset in real life - a french song, that his magnificence will understand well: Le Roi
  2. When a vampire is destroyed, the souls he owns end up in the abyss. So mistress did not throw it away herself. I was a not very surprised, but somebody probably informed the master king and my mistress was rapidly destroyed. The King asked me today, if I know Jade, and then myself got banned from the Sim and thrown out of liege. I can live with that. Of course he had previously accepted the soul that Mistress offered him as substitute for mine. What will happen to my mistress, I dont know yet. I Think, the King had just no interest to inform her, as he obviously only searches his own advantage. He allowed my miss to bite me first, then he wanted my soul as trophy for his reputation and as this was not possible, he took revenge.May he suck his own alts in future.
  3. That's what I already did and neither the website nor the attached wiki provide satisfactory information . If they had done so, I would not ask here. But if you have discovered the answer to my questions on the pages you mentioned, you may like to link them (also in private mail).
  4. I was wandering around, visited a Sim and got caught by my actual Mistress. Cause I'm into D/S, this was consensual for me and I gave up my independence. It turned out then, my Mistress is part of a Bloodline clan and she herself is a slave of the king. A tricky situation, because as her property I'm also a slave to the Sim and her king is my king as well. I really love my Mistress and I trust her, and as she asked to bite me, I had no reason to refuse. So I decided to get bitten.... My soul is owned by Mistress, I got the Thirst HUD as a present and was happy about some new teeth. Pretty well the first two days. I lost some humanity and played the usual bdsm themes with my Mistress. Now the king ordered me - in absence of my Miss - to let me bitten by him. I could not refuse such orders, I'm a slave and have to obey. The result is, that he drained all my humanity to zero in 9 steps and now I'm revenant. I don't want to discuss, if the king was right to do that - in my opinion he was not, because my owner is my Miss first and she even had no chance to agree - but now we have an unpleasant situation. I don't like to go further in progress to become a vampire and to get in the money drain following that procedure. So my questions are simple, but BL wiki doesn't really gives an answer. To leave BL is no option as long as my Miss will stay. I love her deeply and I would rather sacrifice myself than make her suffer. Also no solution, because she loves me too, as a good Mistress should do, and my sacrifice would break her heart. So I search for advices: What happens to me if I decide to stay undead? Not biting people and not progressing into vampire nor lycan? As Revenant, can I get my humanity back, maybe with help of a potion? Of course I won't do so as long as that king would drain it again. I may be a slave, but I'm not totally dumb, I hope.
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