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  1. hello, I made a mistake on my premium account! I wanted to buy a lot at auction and told me: update your account but my account had premium account at $ 9.50 I thought it was good but the auction told me the same thing: update! So I said I go back basic and after premium but it doesnt work! even say that next month I will be basic instead of giving me premium! how to get back premium and update my second life account?
  2. merci beaucoups ! tres sympa la communauter linden ! je vous épouserais tous xdddddd
  3. ok en francais ^^ bonjour , voila sur votre site internet second life : en dessous de l abonnement il y a ecrit le prix des terres ! si par exemple je coche 4096 sqm sa me dis 22$ et donc je voudrais savoir si j achete directement sur le site et ou puis je voir le terrain ou peut etre s es juste un exemple de prix ! ! je vais vous montrer une photo : https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php?lang=fr-FR
  4. Hello I would like to subscribe and buy a premium pitch directly on the second life website! My problem is that we can not see or situras the land buy directly on your site! For example $ 22 for 4096 sqm pay directly! his will give me the address I think but I would like to see it before because if the corner m interress not I would be disappointed! Another thing: how to know if the land buy directly on the site is an adult ground, moderate ect ..? Thank you for having me read ( im french ! my english is bad )
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