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  1. Non Grandfathered 20K Private Island for sale. Billing date 14th of month. $150 total price, including $50 + $100 Transfer Fee. Buyer must move and rename region with purchase. (Both are included with transfer fee.) IM Jetjock89 Resident
  2. Sorry this is a couple of months after the fact, but in case it helps someone, here's a sampling of Asian male shapes out there for CATWA Daniel from various creators that I found when researching for one avatar project. Shapes are a great way to start in general, since the face is either done or something you can tweak a bit to get a look you want, and the style cards they generally come with will lead you to the right appliers and body possibilities to complete the look. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Takashi-shape-Signature-Catwa-Daniel/15057901 https://marketplace.secondlife.co
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