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  1. Update: Got it to work. All it took was buying mayastar, and painstakingly transferring all the positions. SOMETHING was really weird about how I had it set up before.
  2. Is this something that can be specifically set in Maya? Because I'm not seeing anything of the sort in viewer.
  3. Hello there, first time poster, I tend to try my best to look for established answers of issues before asking but to be honest, I'm stumped, despite seeing this issue solved in this forum I can't seem to work this out. The Issue: So, I've been playing around with making a custom model for an avatar lately, and the mesh shape is pretty sound. The only issue is, whenever I attempt to wear said mesh, the whole thing becomes this crumpled mess seen below. Now, I know that the mesh rig will not appear as wanted until also creating an animation set for the rig to follow, but from what I'm seeing, I can't even get the model to adhere to the standard SL skeleton shape. I'm presuming that this has some issue with the scale of... something. But I'm not sure what. Steps Taken So Far: I have done the whole skeleton twice, the second time I scaled down the whole model to be in line with the scale of the Skeleton provided on the wiki. I've played with the settings involving joint positions, I know it needs to exist to be on. I've trimmed the rig of collision bones, I doubt this creature could wear human shaped clothing off the rack anyhow, so no skin off my nose to see them go. I've also trimmed the rig of extraneous joints, leaving only what I want and need. I would love someone to walk me through what exactly I'm doing wrong as I'm more or less completely lost altogether.
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