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  1. I will pay you 10% of the parcels weekly tier for as long as the tenant you referred is renting it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eychassier/139/140/53 contact endlesswordsio Resident in world or start referring people today, just have them mention you.
  2. Your new home in Stonecrest Hills brought to you by Endless Worlds. At Stonecrest Hills you wont just be renting a piece of land, you will be apart of a neighborhood where everything has been terraformed to look nice with the sims terrain. Come check it out and get your own little slice. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eychassier/139/140/53 We have a wide range of parcel sizes and even some prefab homes. 1024m = 300Li / L$360 week 1536m = 450Li / L$540 week 2048m = 600Li / L$720 week 3072m = 900Li / L$1080 week 4096m = 1200Li / L$1440 week All parcels are private. All Parcels have a security system. Access to your parcel and security is instant, once you pay tier you will get access. All rentals will receive 10% back when paying 4 weeks of tier or more at once. All TOS compliant activities welcome. If you have any questions IM: endlessworldsio Resident.
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