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  1. Yeah . That's really annoying that they do something like that.
  2. I did the special zoom thing ctrl. Well exact same skin is a tiny bit problem since it's rare gacha. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Insol-Mashells-secrets-3-Bleeding-nose-ST-Creme/10768308 These gacha. And I have number 7 which is very close to rare one. And got also 2,3,4,7,10. STYLE CARD: -Skin: Insol: Mashell's secrets #RARE -Hair: [taketomi]_Jiao_Dessin Clothes: { V I N C U E } & Kibitz - Hakie+Set [Maitreya] RARE -Eyes: .:[PUMEC] :. - Black Lashes: [okkbye] Dramatic & Fluttering Falsies - CATWA Lashes (FATPACK) That's the style cards. I
  3. Well in picture I'm wearing the catya demo head for proof I have added screenshot. I have also the demo hanako btw
  4. For body I think I'm really sure Maitreya Lara, seems to be really great and customization is good too for it. Also clothing choice for the body is not good but legendary. Prices are okay for clothing not really cheap but I see a good price- quality relation. But for heads it's struggle to find something good and if it looks good in pictures doesn't real when you try the demo or find out need a lot of extra things not included in a 5000L$ head likes eye brows, eyes and so on. Found that https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Strawberry-Milk-Shape-Taeyeon/10895103 looks legendary in
  5. Now for long time I was a anime kemono avatar but I’m planning to create a new avatar for a change and because I’m tired always being accuse to be a kid, having an anime avatar. Since, I’m Asian also irl I was planning to create a very good new Asian looking avatar. What I am aiming for, is to look like a Kpop idol, like they look in kpop videos on YouTube or pictures if you search for them. Reason for it is I really love their appearance and I’m a kpop fan. If needed, I could add some pictures of real idols that I’d take as example but I think you good my idea. Now
  6. Well, some anime are really too young. Not really into hentai of course but there are characters who sometimes clearly too young. But that's anime and you can stop here with disappointment. But mine is over 160cm (5tf 3in) which is average height for women in japan and clearly says in the profile 20 years old and age verified. Real problem is when even real life looking Japanese girls are seen as kids and kicked out of sims. And after the reaction toward that kpop video with idols in it being average 25 (checked) gets the feeling from westerners how can kids dance like that? Seems it ap
  7. Seems like all anime like avatar especially female are seen as under-aged. Also seems having a female Asian avatar is a kid for most people, even you make the avatar like 180cm (5 ft 11 in). Actually was threaded last week for going to a bit sexual place with Asian avatar even being that tall, and they asked me to leave the sim or change avatar. So having an avatar that looks like irl Japanese girl especially adding kawaii like cute outfit could get you into trouble. Even seems looking like a female kpop idol. That's not really related but I showed someone a kpop video and they felt li
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