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  1. Like I said, I'm not going to be using any recurring fees, it's just for peace of mind that I don't like leaving any websites as pre-aproved. Since I'm not a big online spender on the whole, convenience doesn't matter too much to me. I think I'll go with Whirly's idea, but thank you both for your input!
  2. Hi there! Okay, so I'm new to Second Life. I've visited once or twice, but never really got too into it. I've been eyeing some complete avatars in the marketplace recently so I wanted to buy some Linden$. Now, I use GPB, but I know PayPal does change the USD to GBP when checking out. I have a PayPal account, I sign in to buy Linden Dollars and suddenly this comes up: " - By clicking Agree and Continue I confirm that I want to use Visa # for my current and future purchases with Linden Research, Inc.. I authorise Linden Research, Inc. to charge my PayPal account for such p
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