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  1. In answer to both paragraphs, as a fan of that brand I was simply trying to clear up what I saw as unfair comparisons, or incorrect ones. I'm unsure of why it matters this is an alt or not, I'm just adding my own two cents worth. None of their free avis can change skins, whether male or female. They both come with a body alpha HUD. I'd think female avis should be able to change their foot position for female shoes. Male shoes are all flat. Again, I'm not sure why anything I have said should be viewed with any cynicism. I'm just clearing up misconceptions, etc. I have and do own other bran
  2. Altamura has TWO versions of Max gift. The one is this dark skinned one at the Brasil Gateway, and the other is at Unihispana Gateway. They wanted to include people of light or dark skin to have free bento mesh available to them. They also have Robert available at the London Gateway, and Tommy at their main store as a group gift. Not to mention the female avis...Valentina at Brasil, Jenny at London, Kim at Unihispana, and Emanuelle as a group gift at their main store Being bento mesh, the shape is super easy to modify to your own taste, and there are shapes available free or to buy.
  3. As a general rule the free Altamura avis disable removing the heads, but sometimes that gets missed
  4. Tommy and Emanuelle are Group Gifts at the mainstore. Emanuelle also has mesh lipsticks available as group gift, and her head is removable at this time. The dark skin version of Max is at the Brasil sim, and the light skin version is at Unihispana.
  5. Do they ever update their reviews? Some of them are years old and no longer reflect the product.
  6. I guess it hasn't been in the notices yet as it hasn't been released? But it's been chatter in the channel for the past month... Perhaps the CSR was just trying to help? I don't imagine he's part of the design team, but if the problem gets solved, hey.. *shrugs*
  7. I became a fan of Altamura mostly because of the almost 24/7 friendly customer service. Knowing how coding evolves, along with updates to product lines, it's interesting to me why you choose to be so highly critical of what a CSR said about the missing buttons. They have stated their HUD is being updated soon, and to harp so much about something I've seen few people complain about in their channel makes me curious as to why. It doesn't seem that they're hiding anything, or you wouldn't have had something to cut/paste from the conversation, right? They're quickly answering any questions about i
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