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  1. Been out of SL for a while but now back and looking to pick this back up...
  2. I'm looking for someone who has the dev kits and can mesh and rig to the bento hands of: Maitreya Lara Belleza female bodies & Jake Legacy F & M Happy to discuss rates and terms of payment; happy to pay a flat fee or by the hour. I can be contacted here, or in world (ArielScheele Resident), or by email to arielscheele@gmail.com
  3. Chrysanthemum's has a few facial AOs, optimised for various heads (so same 'flavour' of AO, but tweaked to fit the rigging of a certain head better). Even if your head isn't one of the ones listed on the ad, you might still find one version works better than another.
  4. Mudskin has a lot of Asian style appliers. A fair few of them are gacha skins, so you might be able to pick one up fairly cheap on the Marketplace.
  5. I'm early, I know - but I'll be out partying* tomorrow. * Cuddling my cat on the sofa and in bed before midnight
  6. You could try RIOT's Trixie socks: The issue here, however, is that your feet will look tiny. Perhaps we'll one day get something like this with a fit for the female TMP Legacy feet, as those feet are resizable - meaning you could jack the size up to mitigate the issue with things looking out of proportion.
  7. Ariel: My mum wanted to call me Ariel, after the spirit from The Tempest. My dad vetoed. She died a few years back, so it's in homage to her. It's also pleasingly gender fluid. Scheele: A vague reference to Scheele's Green, a popular colour for wallpaper and paints and wotnot during the 19th century... which unfortunately was made with arsenic and thus had a tendancy to slowly kill people. I'm kind of a history nerd. Apparently a morbid one.
  8. Still looking for someone to take this on - I can supply further details in world or via mail, but to reiterate, you will need the bento dev kits for the bodies please.
  9. I'm looking for a mesh creator who can also rig to the (bento hands, specifically) of the Maitreya Lara, Slink female, and Belleza Jake bodies. Belleza female and Signature Gianni would be a plus. The mesh themselves are (I hope) pretty simple avatar accessories rather than clothing items. I'm more than happy to pay hourly freelancer rates, payment methods and details to be discussed. Please contact me via PM, or email arielscheele@gmail.com
  10. I may have to experiment with this... I suck at making slender andro shapes with the male bodies, so I currently use V-tech. Which is difficult to actually clothe if you just want to be andro and not a femboy. /woeisme
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