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  1. Hello Annabell, Thank you very much for replying. I don't believe I do have a shadow map or a UV map for the model itself. It's just a raw untextured model, but every detail is included, attachments and all. - Charlotte Sinclair
  2. Hello, everyone. I'm looking for someone to create a particular texture design for an untextured model of a handgun and attachments, which I'm planning to turn into either a decorative prop or a scripted weapon in-world. The model is unique and does not have a texture map yet and I would like to find someone that can create one for the first time, for future texturing. Let me know if you're available; leave a reply below and IM me in-world or leave a notecard. - Charlotte Sinclair
  3. Hello everyone, I've been furnishing a new place and I'm looking for a kitchen that will complement the style of the rest of the interior; I've mostly gone with a rococo or baroque theme with gilded, quilted chairs and beds, ornate marble and wood desks and tables, mirrors, fireplaces, chandeliers, artworks and musical instruments. However, I haven't found success in finding a kitchen that matches the theme and suits the rest of the interior space; there are a good number of elaborate, well-featured dining rooms but the kitchens I've found have mostly either been of a rustic, plain, unfinished or provincial style or solely in a modern, minimalistic style which doesn't fit well with the theme of the interior. I'm not trying to completely avoid modern furniture or appliances at all; if possible I would like to find something that incorporates modern appliances or has space for appliances such as a microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. I'm looking for something that preferably comes in different, modular pieces, so I'm not stuck with one object that doesn't fit around the entire room. I understand that, historically, large palaces may have their kitchens filled with servants away from view of the main household and thus sport a plainer, more utilitarian look. But I am going for a modern, historically-inspired build, so I'm wondering if there are any baroque or rococo-themed kitchens in SL or otherwise those that have an ornate, regal, palatial look in any other style which may complement the rest of the furniture. The prevailing style I understand mostly consists of a good amount of marble and fine wood, with plenty of gold or silver inlays and accents in furniture with a base colour such as white, cream, brown or black. I've attached a collage of reference photos to give an idea of what I'm looking for; some of which incorporates modern appliances. If anyone can help me find anything that complements the rest of my build, I am most thankful; - Charlotte Sinclair
  4. This is definitely something I'm interested in; I roleplay in a variety of different communities and settings, but I've always wanted to try out some sci-fi roleplay. Sadly, my time zone is the worst. I'm in Australia and everyone is sleeping when I'm on, or I'm up ridiculously early to catch everyone just about to go to sleep. Let me know of any opportunities, any at all.
  5. Hello everyone; I'm looking for gloves in SL which can be held in the hand, much like Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and members of the Imperial House of Japan are seen doing in real life. I had a handbag in SL - the Codex Karina Handbag, which is unique in that it has a pair of colour-changeable gloves hanging off the side of the bag; I'm wondering if there was anything like that, but without the bag and just the gloves alone that you can just hold in your hand. I've seen wearable gloves, bags, handkerchiefs and animated makeup tools; are there any handheld gloves in Second Life? It doesn't matter if you can't actually wear them or not, I'd like a pair that I can just hold as an accessory, perhaps for a vintage or royalty roleplay. Let me know if you know of any; - Charlotte Sinclair
  6. Thank you so much for your replies; I checked out Kowloon and I quite enjoyed my brief time there; thank you for bringing it to my attention. Yes, I am looking for a community that focuses on the more traditional aspects. There's Chinese Island, but it's more of a project than a community, and it doesn't seem to have too much of a strong focus on traditional Chinese culture. If anybody knows any other places or groups worth checking out, please let me know; it's better to have more leads than none at all.
  7. Thank you Mr Amore, I have been a member of the Bellisseria Riding Club for quite a while; Usually there's some discussion in the group chat but I've never been able to join in on any of the trail rides they host. I went riding with one member one time, but that's about it. For a very long time afterwards, there was no visible activity in the group from what I can tell. No group chat, no notices coming my way. I'm looking for a group that offers more than just trail rides; something that has a more broader equestrian focus. I'm particular interested in shows and show jumping. I haven't received any notices from any of the above groups that I joined, although I've reached out to some members. I've had mixed results in different communities, not just the equestrian community, some bad, some excellent, but they don't seem too interested in doing more than just chat.
  8. Thank you for your reply, Monstaar. I haven't had much luck with Teegle; I have never been able to receive any notices from them, only when I left the group and re-joined did I receive a single notice about an upcoming event, which was hosted at at time when I wasn't available. It's a pity, because they do seem to be very active and host very good events. While I don't use Discord and I'm hardly active on Flickr, the events did stand out to me. I was hoping there were some smaller groups which happen to be very active, if anybody knows of any. I'm sure there are other folks out there who are into these kind of things and host events; otherwise there wouldn't be much point to keeping these sims running, and there being so many of them. Edit: I joined some of the groups for the sims you listed; we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed
  9. Hello, Quistess Alpha and animats, Thank you so much for your replies; Although on one occasion I have met someone in SL who resides in Mainland China and presumably uses a VPN to access Second Life, What I'm looking for is not to use Second Life in China, or a Chinese community that's made up mostly of residents who live in China and use Second Life in China; I'm looking for communities in SL for people outside of China to experience traditional Chinese culture in SL. Much like all of the Japanese communities in SL, traditional or modern, they're usually run by people who may have a connection to China (having lived there or studied Chinese) but aren't Chinese themselves but share a passion for Chinese culture with others like them. Again, I'm not referring to groups and community sims primarily for Chinese people (usually their descriptions are written in Mandarin) rather a community like Little Yoshiwara (a traditional Japanese community in SL) or the Emirate of Salmiya (an Arab community on a desert sim) where anyone who is interested can come and immerse themselves in traditional Chinese culture. Those pictures I included above are just to give an idea what that might be like, with sprawling pavilions, traditional gardens and temples. A place to hold events relating to Chinese culture and music, people around you dressed in traditional clothing and traditional Chinese homes to rent. Of course, roleplay is also an element which brings people in, and would be interesting to see. Are there any places in Second Life like this, in your experience? Even if it's a small community.
  10. Hello, everyone; I'm looking for a traditional Chinese community in Second Life. I've been wondering, since there seem to be quite a lot of communities with groups and sims having to do with Japan, its culture and a traditional Japanese lifestyle, if there were any communities and places like these dealing with traditional Chinese culture. I've seen vibrant Arab, Polynesian, Indian, African, Irish and Scottish communities in Second Life, but I haven't seen a Chinese community. In a lot of these very popular Japanese communities, you see stores selling and people dressed in kimono, traditional Japanese events with traditional Japanese customs, instruments and dance, geisha schools, samurai and traditional Japanese bathhouses (onsen) and traditional Japanese homes. Roleplay is also very popular in these communities. Are there any dedicated Chinese counterparts anywhere in Second Life? Since there are so many Chinese items, traditional Chinese clothing, accessories, furniture and buildings on the marketplace and just a few in-world Chinese stores and showcase sims (which are quite small but do often have groups attached) I figured there should be a good amount of people who are interested in traditional Chinese culture and want to habitually live the lifestyle, much like in those popular Japanese communities. I'm not referring to groups and such for Chinese people and Chinese speakers, or nominally promoting Chinese culture or something else, but isn't different from any other group or place. I'm referring to communities where you can immerse yourself in traditional Chinese culture, attend traditional Chinese events and rent traditional Chinese homes, much like in the traditional Japanese communties. There is a considerable Japanese-speaking community in SL, but many of the English-speaking traditional Japanese communities in SL aren't filled with only native Japanese people; mostly people who are interested and delighted by Japanese culture and lifestyle. A lot of them have studied Japanese and many have visited or lived in Japan, but they make the community distinct from the native Japanese community. Are there similar communities encompassing Chinese culture? Let me know what you think; - LottaSinclair
  11. Thank you, Rowan Amore. That dress does look very similar; it has long sleeves, even a belt and I love all of the available varieties! Although I was looking for dresses which have sleeves which clearly look like they're connected to the rest of the dress, like in my pictures.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm looking for pencil dresses that fall to knee length, with sleeves that extend beyond the shoulder, or full length sleeves, preferably with a sweetheart, Queen Anne or square neckline. I used to have a few of these when I was in IMVU, but I've never found any in Second Life, only sleeveless or capped sleeve dresses. These tend to have very high, covered necklines or very low, plunging ones. If anybody could help me out and point out some dresses here in Second Life, I would greatly appreciate it. - Charlotte Sinclair
  13. Hello everyone, I've been looking to get into the equestrian community here in SL for the longest time, but besides very occasionally being invited by friends on casual rides on trails, I've never been able to find and attend any events, particularly regularly occurring events that focus on things like endurance riding, carriage riding, showmanship and eventing; cross-country, dressage and show jumping. I see equipment, furniture and attire being sold for these events at a few different equestrian sims, but I've never been able to get involved myself. I've joined a few equestrian groups and "riding clubs" which have the most members; I look for groups which regularly post notices about events and meetings, particularly those that have events at a variety of different times and I avoid those that have no prior notices at all. Yet I've never received as much as a single notice from most of these groups, and the ones that do come in are for events that are held at times which make it almost impossible to attend due to my time zone. I've contacted some group members occasionally, but they either tell me to wait for the events to be hosted or say that they're not actually active in the group. Very occasionally I get to spend time with some who either show me around the sim or invite me to go on a casual trail ride with them, but nothing beyond that. I want to get involved in some roleplay and community meetings but there never seems to be any sort of roleplay happening anywhere in the community. I just want to get actively involved in the equestrian community, preferably with focus on English riding; are there any groups which regularly post notices and hold events? The group chat in all the groups I've been in are hardly ever active, even if I start talking in the group chat - is there a group in the equestrian community which has plenty of sustained activity in group chat, like the Drivers of SL group or the Passengers of SL group? Any helpful input would be very much appreciated; - Charlotte Sinclair
  14. Thank you everyone for all your replies I purchased no.seal from no.match a few days ago; although I later checked out Kuni and I find a hairstyle I liked even more, although none of these really hit the spot for me in terms of taking me back to the hair I had. Doux has a lot of beautiful hairstyles, mostly long ones... but nothing like what I described. I'm still on the lookout for that medium length hair that I could wear every day to replace the long hair I've worn for so long.
  15. Thank you so much, Teager. I'll have to look into it and play around a little, but this changes things substantially. Although aren't Teeglepet horses animated with riding in mind, instead of pulling vehicles? It would look very odd to link a carriage to a horse and then both you and the horse animate as if you're riding the horse itself, but you're not. You're riding the carriage, but you're moving up and down as if you're on the horse. Also, it seems many carriages are only made for a specific horse or horses thus not every horse is compatible with every carriage; this can complicate things quickly. Let me know if I'm missing anything.
  16. Hello, everyone; I'm looking for medium length hair like the one in the image below. I used to have that particular style when I was on IMVU, with hair in front going into the sides, which flow down in waves or curls, but I haven't been able to find anything similar at all in SL. Many of the hairstyles on the marketplace are very long and extends past the shoulders, and even the hair in the "women's short hair" category is quite long, or very short. Hair found on the marketplace is either of a very messy style or pristinely neat. My current hairstyle I use every day is quite long and I was wondering if there was anything something noticeably shorter - a bit shorter or slightly shorter, although not characteristically very short. In other words, medium-length. Does anybody know where I can find such classic, feminine, medium-length hair? Any help would be appreciated, - Charlotte Sinclair
  17. A role is not necessarily a completely different and made-up character with a fully considered backstory, personality, motivations and beliefs. It's just that - a role; much like being a parent or a baker, a criminal or a castaway on a raft is a role. Sure, a role could be that of a particular person, such as taking on the role of a woman named "Lucy Alistair" who has two children, a dog and is a recent migrant with a secret mission. But I never understood why people force others into such a specific expectation and definition of what a "role" is, especially that of a particular character and not just a job title or personal status. I never understand why everybody expects me to become a completely different person, stepping into the shoes of someone completely unknown to me, relying on almost only my imagination (which I have little anyway) especially when we already take on personas in SL that are usually different to who we really are in real life. For me it just seems far more natural to step into a particular role, to adapt to a particular role as myself (in SL) and see what I can bring to that role and the wider situations I find myself in. Sure, I have aliases and differences between roles in every role, but I'm not always necessarily an entirely different person as many places and people strangely necessitate. That's why it's called roleplay, not characterplay. That's actually a very good idea that's been suggested to me before. I'm not experienced with this kind of roleplay; it would be best to leave it to somebody who is far more experienced and passionate about it. But again, there are hardly any other groups; that is, groups that broadly focus on horror roleplay in general, rather than anything specific. That's why I'm asking if there are any groups like that, or any communities that cater for a certain horror roleplay scenario.
  18. Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for all of your replies; So far I've been doing some very basic roleplay in various horror settings; usually with just a friend or a small group of friends where I take on the roles such a paranormal investigator, police officer or detective, with the others in turn taking on the roles of assistant, scientist, witness, groundskeeper and adventure tourist. There's usually somebody with a corporate, military, medical or survivalist background. As the roleplay progresses, we make new discoveries and there's sometimes a twist in the story; usually something basic like somebody revealing a secret or setting up the other characters somehow. Like I've mentioned above, I'm just looking for horror roleplay in general, nothing specific. It doesn't have to be a slasher-type of horror story, or necessarily have a survival aspect. The main characters don't necessarily have to die, only find themselves in gruesomely uncomfortable situations, where they may get lost, trapped, betrayed, challenged, hurt or go insane. Sometimes it can just be a whole lot of atmosphere and tension of just being in a scary place with no certainty of what will happen next. I'm still new to horror roleplay and horror as a genre in general, in fact - I certainly enjoy it, but I'm no expert on it. I'm sure there are all kinds of different types of horror roleplay, just with settings and scenarios alone, and I'm keen to experience as much as possible. I'm only asking if there are active and populated groups, sims or communities that are generally present around the clock, because so far, I've just been roleplaying with friends, many of them also new to roleplaying in a horror setting. It would make it a lot easier than just asking some of my friends to join in when they're around or at a predetermined time. And of course, I would like to meet people who are familiar and experienced with horror and make friends with people who enjoy roleplaying these settings particularly.
  19. Thank you so much, Orwar. Yes, please do... let me know how it goes. I know you can wear the Teegle horses, but all of the carriages I've seen for Teegle require rezzing, whether it's for a horse or a horse avatar. I'm specifically looking for horse and carriage sets that you can just attach and ride without the need to rez anything, like the ones I've mentioned above.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm looking for horse-drawn vehicles that you can attach to your avatar or wear anywhere, without the need to rez a carriage or a horse. I think I've seen just a few over the years, of varying quality but there don't seem to be hardly any at all; quite a few vehicles need rezzing but come with an attachable horse, or need rezzing and has the need to supply your own attachable horse (this usually seems to not work, because these horses are made for riding, not hitching to a carriage) Some vehicles also need rezzing, but seem exclusively designed for horse avatars. The RealHorse Rideable Stanhope Gig and Goddard Buggy from Elite Equestrian are the best ones I've found and the first one that comes to mind; I'm wondering if there are any others like these; horse AND carriage included, attachable and complete with sounds and animations. I've seen sleighs as well; I'm wondering if there are any carriages that are much LARGER or much smaller, but are solely for personal use only, without the need to rez. In fact, the ones I've mentioned often explicitly state DO NOT REZ. Some carriages I've seen can carry up to four passengers and come with two or even four horses. These are always the rezzable variety. Perhaps there are even vehicles that are pulled by animals other than horses! If anybody knows any others and can make recommendations, I would be most thankful and appreciative. Let me know; - Charlotte Sinclair
  21. Thank you, xxVi3perxx; I'm looking for horror roleplay in general; not necessarily anything specific other than a modern setting. This can mean lore-based roleplay or otherwise; I'm not too fussy. It can be supernatural or paranormal, or otherwise; I'm just looking to get into pretty much any horror roleplay - it doesn't really matter what, as long as it's relatively casual, has plenty of opportunity with enough people involved (not just inactive groups or sims that are almost empty all the time) and has a modern setting. That sounds very interesting, Coffee Pancake! I would totally love to try and get into all of that... I think Innsmouth is the first thing that comes to mind when I see "Lovecraftian"; perhaps that's a good place to start. Perhaps Bitterwick Harbor might also be good to try. Although I would like to focus on the horror aspect, not just another dark fantasy or supernatural setting without hardly any horror elements. I'm not really fussed about anything in particular, so long as it's any kind of horror roleplay in a relatively modern setting with perhaps a good sense of community.
  22. Hello everyone; I'm exploring new themes and settings for roleplay and I'm trying to get into some that I haven't experienced yet. I'm looking to get into some horror roleplay, however I'm faced with a lack of people to roleplay with, even for such a broad theme. Does anybody know any good, active communities, welcoming of new and casual roleplayers? Any groups that are particularly active, whose members regularly participate in group chat or host roleplay sessions regularly? I live in an awkward time zone that makes it difficult to catch groups of people at particular times. I've joined the Horror Roleplayers group, but there are hardly any group notices about roleplays, particular sims and groups. Nor is there much group chat going on; I've reached out to some of the members and asked them about roleplay and some of them have told me it's a mostly inactive group. There are hardly any other groups for horror roleplaying as a whole, except for particular places which seem hardly active. I've been to a few different sims with mixed results; there aren't many that I would say are very active, enough so that at most times of the day, there are people around to interact with, such as in a place like Clifton Forge. I'm looking for a place with a relatively modern setting, but with a particular emphasis on horror, not just dark fantasy or supernatural themes. Does anybody have any suggestions? Any help would be very much appreciated; - Charlotte Sinclair
  23. Wow, that is certainly very interesting. Thank you, Orwar. I was thinking "antitheistic" doesn't necessarily mean atheistic. From my perspective, Satanism sounds like it's closer to Humanism from what I can understand, than any theistic, mainstream religion, in that it places importance on human needs and values above any religious beliefs and focuses on a free mind, the human potential and self-actualization, albeit in a symbolic manner. I've never really noticed much strict self-distinction to the exclusion of others between subcultures, only that there is variety and diversity within them. I think it's possible there can be a subculture within a larger subculture that rejects certain elements of the original culture. It's the distinction between them and their defining characteristics that make the difference. Although this discussion is very interesting and I would like to continue it, we risk straying from the original topic of my post, which was witches, the practice and culture of witchcraft, in presumably its many forms, although I'm loosely focusing on the term in a more broad, mainstream way, without excluding any particular subcultures. There is obviously a difference between someone who tries out some "witchy stuff" on YouTube and a devoted practitioner of Wicca of many years. Of course there's a spectrum between the two. I would hardly call myself familiar with any of it. I'm asking in particular if anybody knows any active communities or groups in Second Life that focus around this that I should look into and consider, if they are worthwhile or not. If all I can find is just roleplay, then I'm fine with that too.
  24. Hello Orwar, Nice to see you again! Thank you so much for your continued responses! Wow, that is very interesting to hear about your interest and heritage in pre-Christian pagan cultures. The ones you mentioned do certainly interest me, although beyond at least partially identifying with those cultures, I've never really looked into any in too great of a level of detail as to almost live it as a personal way of life. I technically do share some of that heritage, but it's easy to be so far removed from all of those things nowadays. I hardly know anything about Satanism, much less antitheistic Satanism... I'm slowly exploring gothic and vampiric culture where I can find it. As far as "witchcraft" goes, I would say I have a general curiosity for it that compels me to want to explore it. I would definitely love to meet and chat with you in-world sometime (it's about time, isn't it )
  25. Hello, I'm interested in paganism and wicca among other things; more broadly I just have a curious interest in witchcraft without knowing all that much about it and I'm looking for an active community of witches to explore and be a part of - does anybody have any groups or sims that they would recommend? I'm looking for something focusing mostly or solely on witchcraft, witch culture and rituals, rather than being a vague hodgepodge of supernatural themes. I thought there would be communities, groups or active sims out there promoting witchcraft and the witch lifestyle as there are places like Transylvania, which focuses on vampirism and gothic subculture where you can experience and learn more about the lifestyle. I've seen just a few that might be promising, were it not for the lack of active members and mostly empty sims. My time zone is also an issue as I live in the Southern Hemisphere, and a lot of folks are up north. I'm not sure which one I should join and see how it goes, so I'm asking for suggestions. I'm also a casual roleplayer who is looking for new themes and settings to roleplay in; a witch roleplay does appeal to me and I would also like to find good, active roleplay groups, communities and sims that focus on witches almost exclusively, however I want to learn more about witchcraft itself and experience the culture and lifestyle before I do so. I'll probably also post in the roleplay section sometime else. I'm not looking for a group and a place that just hosts live music events endlessly. If anybody can kindly help me out, I would be most appreciative. - Charlotte Sinclair
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