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  1. 2006 Oldbie here. Its weird to think how long ago these photos were taken.
  2. There is a market for everything in Second Life. People are willing to pay for shapes because not everyone is able to easily shape them on their own and get them to look right. So buying shapes is certainly good. Some people choose to use the bought shapes as is and they are happy with that. Other people may prefer the shapes they buy as a nice starting base to build upon and slowly edit and customize more over time. anything under 600L$ is a good price. I have seen plenty over the years for far more L$ and well i guess if people are willing to pay then more power to them. I know that even ma
  3. I will get iced coffee and donuts from my fav place, and get dinner from my fav Chinese restaurant. I'll also plan to go to the movie theater with my bf. These are just normal things in my life that i miss doing.
  4. Im a SL single woman ( mid 30s) I dont date in SL. My family consists of a few siblings ( 2 of which are most active and may end up being the only ones ) We had a discussion recently about expanding our family because we honestly would love more positive people in our lives. We are a family of open minded and caring people. We are very chatty and friendly as well. We would want anybody to feel very welcomed. Sorry to say though there is no family home or any huge land anywhere.we just usually end upon a platform above my studio or in an empty sandbox. I have never had parents in SL b
  5. Hi everyone I am currently seeking new employment opportunities doing digital artwork and photo editing via SL. The type of work I offer includes hand painted avatar portraits,custom logos ( includes meshed versions), custom hud design, advertisement ad images. You can contact me in world via notecard if interested. You can view my flickr HERE My photography blog/website with sample images and price details. HERE
  6. I have never had the experience of having parents or even just a mother in SL. There are many things in my SLife that i want to be able to share with parents. Such as my happy relationship, my future wedding, and future kids. If anyone thinks i would fit in as their daughter then that would be awesome! I'm an elf, im a bit on the short side. I think i have a unique appearance so we will have to see if that works for someone. I have pink hair and pink eyes too! Im goofy and loving, and care the world about my friends and family and would do anything to see them happy and be there for them
  7. I created this new avatar account due to my life on my other one being too quiet. Everyone is always too busy to even say hi anymore. I work on my other av as a designer but i always would have time for people, but they never had time for me. It got boring and lonely logging in daily just standing around on an empty sim or in my empty house with nobody to share it with. I have taken a long break from my business and want to get out in the world again as an unknown av. I hope i can actually make some real friends. If it helps to know some details about me well here goes. Im American
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