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  1. Everything in SL is just a luxory. Nobody is required to do anything, demand anything, or pay anything if they dont want to or cant. Nobody is entitled to demand it from anyone for any reason either. Not everyone you meet will be able to afford to drop L$ on every DJ they hear. They may wish they could but its nobodies place to even ask them why they cant. It doesnt mean people should not be allowed to enjoy going anywhere just because they dont have L$. What a crap way of thinking. Demanding all newer people or even older residents that have little or nothing to spare hand over money if they enter is very off-putting. In my younger years i had experienced some bad club ownership with aggressive rude owners harassing new patrons demanding they tip their staff and asking them why they cant and what they do with their L$. Some people just go to a club because they hope to meet new people and socialize. They dont necessarily care for the music or even listen to it. Some go to live music events to enjoy the experience but cant afford tip.Not everybody has money. It doesnt mean that in the virtual world they shouldnt be there enjoying things too. This is SL not the real world. You cant compare every single situation to the real world because its never going to be the same thing.
  2. We have filled our Dr positions but we are still seeking Nurses, Receptionists, and Pharmacist. We need staff with the following Doctors Huds: LoveMomma, BeYou, Pooterbilt, Momma Allpa. We need a BeYou pharmacist to fill our prescriptions. Teleport in and grab a job application on the reception desk in the lobby. It includes full details of the jobs available. TP
  3. Hi, im always happy to make new friends myself. If you ever want to hangout look me up in world. Theres all sorts of fun places i love to go to and explore. I love playing games. I have my big home, so i hang out there alot too.
  4. I fairly recently returned to SL after a several month long break. I have spent too much of my return time alone because nobody is every around to hang out anymore. My family is very small consisting of 2 sisters. One is rarely around and the other is often busy with other stuff. So its often just me in my house. I would really love to have some new women friends. Potentially new sisters, even an aunt, a mom, or even an adult daughter would be cool. Im 36 american lgbtq friendly. Non judgy and super open minded and supportive of all my friends. My av style tends to be on the lighter girly side. Lots of pink. I often either have my av with white hair or if the mood strikes pink hair. i own my own land. I have a nice large skybox house up to hang out at. I dont have any avatar kids. I have 1 older zooby and my av is currently preggo with the second. So thats it. So hopefully any new friends are open minded about that stuff and arent too judgy or anything. I love to go out and explore. Im open for playing games, maybe even finding some fun interactive sims to play on. I dont do clubs at all. I love doing photos. Whenever the mood strikes ill be on my platform and setting up backdrops and doings pictures. In world I am Wyntir Evergarden so send me a notecard incase messages get capped.or you can find me on FB too and we can chat there. newer pics of my av so you get an idea of my vibe.
  5. 2006 Oldbie here. Its weird to think how long ago these photos were taken.
  6. There is a market for everything in Second Life. People are willing to pay for shapes because not everyone is able to easily shape them on their own and get them to look right. So buying shapes is certainly good. Some people choose to use the bought shapes as is and they are happy with that. Other people may prefer the shapes they buy as a nice starting base to build upon and slowly edit and customize more over time. anything under 600L$ is a good price. I have seen plenty over the years for far more L$ and well i guess if people are willing to pay then more power to them. I know that even making a nice looking shape takes some work. So picking out a skin then shaping it to look nice with the skin, then shaping it for various mesh bodies. It can be a little time consuming. So why not charge for that?
  7. I will get iced coffee and donuts from my fav place, and get dinner from my fav Chinese restaurant. I'll also plan to go to the movie theater with my bf. These are just normal things in my life that i miss doing.
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