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  1. Hi, im currently a premium member, but I no longer wish to be. I just want to play SL without being a premium member. How do I do this ?
  2. I can meet u in there with Henry the boss. Are u interested in hosting or Djing or both ?
  3. HYPNOVIBES IS REOPENING. We need all you awesome DJs and Hosts to make our Club perfect
  4. hi how do I change maturity levels in Market place ? its only on general and the rest are greyed out
  5. My daughter joined and she 17. I was on at the same time and brought my friends to meet her and they are all non-G, she could see them but just cant go anywhere non G
  6. Thankyou Parhelion Palou
  7. Hi, I was just wanting to if you can make your basic avatar mesh if you are on a basic membership ?
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