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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, I just noticed this quote. Since the all the parties (business partner, land owner "Friend", and the builder ) are all in Europe, I would have to go thru the FBI. I have a family friend who is a Senior Executive with the FBI and I talked to him about it, and he straight up told me that its not enough for them to work it as a case. They do have teams that work in virtual worlds but they are monitoring terrorist money transactions etc. I spoke with a lawyer about contacting SL to have them investigate and actually do something but they told me that I would proba
  2. Update 3.5 months later..... I have found out that the land owner(my "friend"), my business "partner" and the builder are all the same person. I am 99 percent sure, and I have pretty damning evidence that this is the case. I am disgusted with SL and LL. I have sent them everything I have found and they have done nothing, not even a response or anything. It makes me sick to my stomach that they would allow someone to do this (essentially steal thru fraud) and then allow them to continue to play. If there was a decent alternative I would be done with this *****ty virtual world.
  3. Hi there! I am starting a new business. If you are looking to start escorting or dancing, my business can help you develop a client list. We offer training on services and advertising all for a flat cost. Already an established provider with a client list but want to lower your costs? Contact me and see if our flat rate will increase your profits. We are not a club so you don't need to worry about dancing in an empty club hoping for potential clients to walk in. Contact Coleb126 in world for more details.
  4. Well SL is not doing anything about it, which is what I figured. If anyone wants to know the names of the people involved so you can avoid them please message me privately here or in world.
  5. I have not spoken with my "partner.". She has not logged on in a while. If I had to guess I think my "partner" and the builder are the same person and they worked with my "friend" the land owner to scam me.
  6. Thank you for the kind words and advice. I plan on trying your suggestions soon.
  7. To answer your first question, I am not sure. I met my "business partner" first (on my first day in SL) and she immediately introduced me to him. I'd rather not list all the ways I was dumb enough to fall for his ***** and give him Linden's. It's actually pretty embarrassing.
  8. Ok I need to make sure we are clear. The person you are describing is not the person who scammed me. The person who scammed me was ejected from my groups. I appreciate your advice on what to do with the land. I tried selling it. It doesn't sell. The only offers I have gotten are from other land barons for .4 a sqm. I would rather abandon it then give them the satisfaction of buying it at that low of a price. The rentals I have up have been filling slowly but surely so I'll continue that.
  9. My "friend" who I believe scammed me, did in fact give me the idea for having a land business and encouraged it.
  10. I'm not sure what your asking or insinuating...
  11. I have filled out the FBIs form. I am definitely not making a false claims. I was simply pointing out LLs horrible policy.
  12. Just so we are clear I didn't hand over money the first day I met him. He cultivated a relationship with me. I thought we became friends so I listened to his advice. I have only been on SL for two months I didn't know the norms in terms of paying for things. Going back to SL policies.....I have proof that either my "friend" is the builder or they know each other and SL still isn't doing anything. I know I'll never get my money back but how about banning him so he doesn't continue doing this. But because he pays 20k a month in tier they aren't going to do a thing to him.
  13. This is the thing that gets me. Their policies actually protect the ones committing the crimes.
  14. My former Business Partner, and former friend (who's still buying and selling a large part of SL) are both from the same country(im in US, they arent). I am not sure where the builder is from except that its not from the US. I got the impression it was europe or asia. Its way more than just the 300k i gave the builder. All in all I was misled to spend close to 1 million LL.
  15. Pretty sure her (my partner), the builder and my "friend" are all the same person or are in on the scam together. I included all of them in my abuse report.
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