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  1. Interested in both - sent you a message let's discuss logistics?
  2. Points of clarification regarding the above post: 1. The math re: the transfer fee is only relevant if the physical Grandfathered sim ended up only costing $100. There is no doubt the savings great, but the purchase value of the physical sim cannot be disregarded in the total cost as well. 2. If we're to go off what has been advertised on the forums, the average asking price of a GF sim (including transfer fee) is around $1600. And the range, as you can see below, is a lot more broad. 3. The stats above are now pretty much just references pre-LL land region price slashes and is obsolete data now (I've been collecting data points to study the trends). To further build on Besiha's previous post, selling a GF sim for $1600-$2200 is most definitely gone. Even $1200 may not be worth now unless you're an established resident who is guaranteed to keep that sim for more than 2 years.
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