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  1. I Have Ask This Girl Many Times To Stop Using My Store Name In Her Keywords To Get Sales. When Someone Searches My Shop Name In The MarketPlace Her Stuff Pops Up And I Dont Like This Girl We Use To Be Friends But Not Anymore And For Some Reason She Keeps Using My Store Name In Her Keywords To Get Sales I Was Gonna Flag It But Im Not Even Sure What To Report It As But All I Know Is That I Dont Want My Store Name In Her Keywords.....
  2. So i made a market place yesterday i keep re logging i tried everything it wont work. So i drag what i wanna sell into the market place listing but when it goes to the market place listing there no button that says send to the market place i watched many videos and i still can't figure out whats wrong with it i even tried different items still wont work please help im not sure if its because i removed my card info from sl
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