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  1. Thank you Whirly, not really.... I had checked (and re-checked) the transparent prim test, and unfortunately the scripts in the HUDs are no modify so that doesn't help. I guess maybe I went into a buggy region that has caused this to happen. It's frustrating as the only way I think I can fix it is to redeliver the items and set them up fresh. That will take a bit of work that I was hoping to avoid, but thank you for your help!
  2. The HUDs for multiple attachments are not working on my avatar. I have tried many solutions (disabling RLV, removing and re-attaching, logging in with different viewers, resetting avatar and rebuilding) but the problem persists. I have had a friend log in on my computer and with my viewer, and he does not seem to have any problem. So it does not appear to be an issue with my computer or my viewer. I'm getting frustrated and desperate, and hoping someone might have a solution for me?
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