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  1. Hi, guys! I enjoy relaxing while fishing, but sometimes I would love to have some company and make friends while doing it. If anyone is bored and would like to chat or come along and fish with me feel free to IM. I'd love to get to know you.
  2. I have been looking for a job for a veeeery long time now and never managed to find anything. I have a great music taste and libraries with all kinds of genres, i know how to stream and i used to have a stream in-game, because I was sure someone would like to at least test how I'll do, but alas it has expired and no one even asked. I am friendly, good-natured and would really want to experience the game more and develop my character. Most people in-game only talk to me if they are trying to flirt and that's good and all, but I play because I would like to grow the character, find friends and l
  3. Hi all! I`m looking for people to explore with and possibly share interests with ingame. I'm into music and arts in general. It sure will be more fun if I have someone to hang out with while in SL ^^
  4. Sorry, I just thought it will be more appropriate if I don`t scatter the same topic everywhere and keep it at one place. It was actually a lag! I guess I loaded my pc with tons of things, literally have't turned it off for a week till yesterday. It just never lags usually or create such issues, but I guess there's always a limit.. Thank you a lot! It's not a mesh body. Thank you again ^^
  5. Hi, I have the same issue.. Suddenly all upwards bounce stopped at one place and there is a very mild bounce to the sides, but it all looks really weird.. My settings are set correctly as mentioned above. Do you have any other ideas what might have happened there..?
  6. Probably a lot of people are struggling with the same.. Honestly many people (like in rl I have to mention) have no clear idea how to do the hiring process effectively and that`s one of the most important parts of running any business. I personally would never re-apply to any place that I know didn`t consider me because of age (and that`s easy for me to figure even if they don`t say it frankly ). The reason? I`d much rather be hired either by someone who really knows how to run a business well and can use critical thinking or someone who is really friendly and fun to be around. And If I find b
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