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  1. Awe thanks, yea I am going in game trying to make small talk. It's a fun game I enjoy it. So I hope I meet some cool people.
  2. Ah I see, I added it after I make the forum topic. Gosh I shoulda did that the other way around. Thanks for the advice though, I'm slowly making my way around my profiles for in game and in the forum area.
  3. Hello my name is Clover and I'm looking to make a job in SL. My skills are: Retexturing and texturing, digital art (not mesh), talking and being friendly. I am currently looking up how to be a mesh artist, dancer, and hostess but if I could get training I'd be fine. I have pretty ratty clothing on right now, a hoodie crop top and a skirt that doesn't match but I am scavenging! Trying to earn some L$ to look decent lol. I'm usually on at 11 to 5am -07:00 (mountain/arizona time) I speak fluent English, I am of age to do things 18+, my SL account is fairly new,
  4. Hey hey, I just joined a couple of day ago, looking to make some friends who I can chat to about anything.
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