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  1. Hi, i am trying to login but failed, with both account and different viewers. but seems im not the only one. suggestions? contact suppor or wait to see if something changes, as there are many ppl with same problems?
  2. i had it since long ... just updated, thank you! and no, I dont have an updater.... I downloaded it long ago but only recently I am using it.
  3. Hello, someone can tell me why I see every other avatar in this way? Thank you for any help!
  4. Ok as it seems this is not only for security orb but also for new lindem homes, I have a tecnical question: I choose a winchester one. I also took the LH traditional content creation pack but... I have noticed that some of the houses close to mine (always same model, Winchester, something like Great Room AddOn) have some parts that I do not have. I was wondering how to have them.. ty for any help?
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