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  1. Yeah we took everything off, relogged and still crappy view. It's a wild ride that's for sure. I'll try again
  2. haha yeah we went through the whole camera stuff on wiki. I took everything off and relogged earlier and same thing happen. Gonna keep trying. thanks
  3. I had her do that, and it just stays at that overhead nonsense view. :< Thank you though
  4. Many times and it always goes back to that position.
  5. I've been trying to help my friend fix her camera angle and I'm going nuts. It only happens to her on a specific character. It stays overhead all the time. No matter how many times things have been set to default, or have gone into camera settings and tried to fix it. I logged in her character and had the same problem. I googled and tried everything I read from going into the advance menu and resetting camera focus things to adjusting it under the mouse/viewer settings. Nothing is helping her. The black bar at the top of the picture is where the second floor starts of the house. It's much wors
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