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  1. Not yet. I've chatted with a few people in-world though.
  2. Hello SL World, I am a modern/urban roleplayer who is seeking a roleplay partner. Unfortunately, everywhere I go in-world, seems to be a pump-n-dump sexaholics breeding ground. Though quite a few attractive avis there...lol. I have recently joined the Town of Cedar Creek, a family/urban roleplay town it seems, and was hired on as a Police Officer. So I'd be looking for someone who was interested in living there. I don't have a home yet, so house hunting could be fun. I come from an affluent family in Northern California. My father is a state senator and my mother owns her own real estate corporation (NPCs, unless this thread leads to something different, but that's what I've roleplayed as thus far as I begin my story in this new town). I attended college with expectations from my parents that I would simply return home and take up some executive position in my mother's real estate corporation, but out of spite, or being rebellious, maybe a bit of both, based on some friendships in college, I moved out to Colorado to be free from my parents oversight and micromanaging personalities. More of a guy's guy, and not out to my parents or friends back in California, I finally built up the courage to start dating guys in college. So, relatively new to the scene and nuances of what most would consider the gay lifestyle, I tend to just have my own style and looking for a friend to take on this journey called life. So, lets say I'm looking for a roommate(s), maybe, to start and letting their stories develop from there. Obviously, open to suggestions and ideas. Additionally, I wouldn't mind re-working my backstory, if someone was interested in the parents or sibling roles either. My story is flexible at this point, I haven't had many interactions where my background has come up. So if you are interested, I'd love to meet you and see if we both have similar ideas. Thanks!
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