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  1. Well it was a misunderstanding because of the pettiness of the reporter. I've known my BF for a bit now. He is the sweetest, calmest, most caring person I know, so what was reported against him only came about due to being completely goaded into a reaction. The two of them need to work it out and smooth things over.
  2. hahaha! Yes, well it went back to a misunderstanding months ago! Whew! Cleared up now.
  3. I will have him get on this quickly. I will, at least, send him the link so he doesn't have to search for it.
  4. I'm trying to help my boyfriend. He has been trying to login, but it says his account is "On Hold." He never received notification. He is a 4.5 year member and never had an issue. He is a well-liked member of our community. How could this happen? More importantly: How do we clear this up?
  5. Well he is about finished, needs some tweaking.... Having a Skin Issue, though. We got him the Signature Gianni Body and the Catwa Victor head. The Stray Dog Catwa compatible head skin works great! However, mistakenly got the Stray Dog Legacy Skin and am being told by a friend that it won't work with the Signature body. Not sure what route to go. There is a neck Line because I can't complete the look right now.
  6. I'm going in now to check out Belleza. I do like the Signature Gianni. My head is spinning, but better mine than his. We don't want to scare him off SL, again.
  7. Hahaha!! He wants to upgrade! He approached me. As a friend I am happy to oblige, but I haven't done anything as big as a complete upgrade.
  8. Nope, you're right...typical male sending me out to shop. I know he won't want to try on Demos. I am not finding anything that I need, besides head shapes on MP? Does this mean that I would do better dragging him kicking and screaming to the in-world stores?
  9. I am attempting to help a friend of mine upgrade his noob Classic Avatar to Mesh. My question has multiple points. 1. What is the most commonly designed for Male Mesh? (Example: As a female, I went with Maitreya.) 2. What is the best Head for a male? 3. I need a full list of all of the components he will need to purchase as, quite frankly, I have forgotten. I've had my Avi for over a year. 4. Talk too me about these "Complete Avatar" packages. Are they worth it and, is so, is one better than another? Thank you all in advance.
  10. Thank you all! He has now decided to upgrade to Mesh so now I have a whole new topic to look up. LOL!
  11. Thanks! I promised I'd help him as I can. Someone helped me when I was new and I like passing on the favor. Now I have a starting point for him.
  12. I have a friend who has returned to SL after a very long absence and actually set up a new account. He chose one of the NEW Avatars and now wants to get new clothing. I am finding nothing on what body types these are to assist him. Are these CLASSIC Avatars or MESH Avatars of some form? He is really a bit lost and I am trying to help out someone who has been gone so long he is basically a Noob. Okay more than a bit lost... I don't want him running away from SL because we can't get him sorted out. I believe that is what basically happened, the reason he left, years ago.
  13. A multi level question. I'm a Premium member and was given a Linden Home. The issue I have run into is that my parcel is now full, but I haven even finished furnishing. All of the items are low Prims. My account says I have 512 Land Units still available. Can I add on to my existing house or do I look elsewhere? Thanks!
  14. I have been inworld for a few weeks now and getting around fairly well. I have found a favorite hangout. I see that the other Avis can "speak using chat. I notice special characters to emote. How does that work. Also, I was asked to smile for a snapshot and didn't know how to do this. Can you also frown? Cry?
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