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  1. Now open! Come meet and hangout with people who love to have sexy fun times and talk on voice. We have a VIP lounge with porn cinema, and free private rooms. Freelance escorts are welcome to come and log in on the tip jars. Don't forget to also check out the nude beach and invite your friends to come hangout. Come see for yourself! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantic Palace/63/57/3022
  2. I do escorting in SL which as a very far cry from being a "professional", which is why I was surprised to learn that some people actually take this so seriously. There are many pro dommes in the real world, one i know of who actually makes her clients read black feminist theory as part of their sessions. This is where I take my inspiration from, not from some hyped up 50 Shade of Grey movie. I haven't seen the movie and have no desire to. Thanks for sharing
  3. Ya I understand that. Not every escort is a predatory hooker. What about the people who advertise their business in their profiles? Also, I’ve seen a lot worse things in profiles than a pick for a strip club. I don’t care if they like me or not They do not know me and assuming I am there to solicit for customers is very presumptuous and rude to not even give me a response when I brought this forward. If they are worried about their reputation they should try treating other women as equals without judgment.
  4. That’s it right there. I made the assumption that Femdom amd feminism go hand in hand because that’s where i’m coming from with it. Wrong! Oh well. It’s fine. There are other places I can go. So I’m not gonna sweat it. Thanks
  5. Yes there are lots of other places i can hang out. It makes me laugh at how people take themselves so seriously.
  6. All that’s in my picks are two for the club I work at because it is mandatory for most clubs when you work for them. I get how they can see it that way but my point is more about being excluded from a community because of assumptions they made about me based on my lifestyle choices rather then my actions. To me, this felt disempowering particularly when it comes from other women who call themselves Femdoms.
  7. Yes it could be their view. Even if it is their view, it’s still judgmental.
  8. I’m a text escort in SL. Not looking for validation or anything like that. Just saying for clarity. I have been exploring Femdom, BDSM and other kinks which has been really interesting for me. I joined a bunch of groups looking for a community and I was really excited when I found one that I felt I could fit in with. Until recently when I arrived to attend an event and was told that I could only stay if I took the escort club picks out of my profile because it gives people the wrong idea. I asked what that meant and did not get a response. Sure it’s not a big deal to take them out of my picks for the event. I don’t mention escorting anywhere else in my profile. But this really bothered me because honestly, I expected more from a Femdom community that bills itself as laid back, like to be open and accepting of my independent choices, as a woman in charge of my SLife. I was not there to solicit for business, to cause trouble or send the wrong message. I was there for an event to make friends and hopefully find a community. Instead of being welcomed I felt judged and not welcome. I guess i’m just wondering am I being over sensitive, or is it not ironic to be turned away from a Femdom community for being a escort? I’m fully aware that I may be taking this way too seriously, but come on, so are they!
  9. Hi there. I am looking for a male feral pet/guardian/protector. I have my heart set on a wolf but I may consider other animals or even creatures. EST. I am online mainly in the evenings and on throughout the weekend. i.m me inworld.
  10. Hi. I also recently returned to SL after a five year absence. If you want to connect look me up - Billie Ellsmere. I’m female. 44. Canada. EST
  11. I am interested too. Waiting for updated link.
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