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  1. Yes network is fine and I was using the AO in firestorm, but I figured out what was causing it, it was a LeLutka Axis HUD i was wearing. Once I took it off, it didn't happen anymore 🙂
  2. Hello, I apologize if this isn't the right subject, but so far I have not found the root of the problem yet, so I'm thinking it's the Firestorm viewer for now. Encountered an occurring issue with my AO. For some reason everytime I log in, travel etc. my AO glitches, meaning it won't activate. Instead of the walk I put in my firestorm AO, I'm frozen and "skating" over the grounds looking like a mannequin. I've tried several things such as avatar health - stop avatar animations, undeform avatar, no gestures activated, clearing cache and reinstalling firestorm viewer itself. Also I've tried removing things I recently purchased to see if that had anything to do with it, but nothing has worked. I need help, it's getting super frustrating. Thank you ♥
  3. Hello, My friend and I are experiencing the weirdest thing ever. I don't know if anybody else has experienced this but we need help because it's frustrating. I have a Blue Snowball mic that I use for voice on SL and other platforms and it works perfectly for everyone and everywhere except for my friend. What she hears when I speak is pure static and it is loud and obnoxious (yes I've head it through a phonecall and it's awful). At first I thought it was the viewer, since it worked fine before the BoM update (we use Firestorm Version We've tried to figure out what the problem is, cause here's the kicker: EVERYONE else sound fine to her, but me. So what's the problem? We tried reinstalling the viewer, I made sure my input was my mic, and even without it using my mic in my laptop, it's the same awful audio coming through her end. Her speakers are fine, like I mentioned everyone else sounds good, so why is mine not coming through how I hear it to her? Also location hasn't changed anything, it occurs no matter where we go. If this can't be fixed, is there a way she can turn my mic down or mute me without having to block or unfriend me? Thank you in advance!
  4. I got both Omega Kits, for Genus and Omega itself I believe, and it still wouldn't work
  5. Hey! My sister and I would love to meet you both sometime
  6. Hi! I'm trying to make my first baby avatar. What I'm working with is a Genus Head (the free one) and Bebe Chonk Body. The problem I'm having is appliers. I went to Youth to find skins, and it says it only works for Genus BabyFace and Genus Classic. I couldn't figure out why, so I tried with Omegas activated to apply, but it couldn't, so I picked up a Genus babyface demo and even on that it would not apply the skin. Besides this, I just need some help overall to make a toddler, so please if you have any insight or expertise within this area, it would be so appreciated! Thank you ♥
  7. I got it, thank you! Do you by any chance know how to put up the skybox?
  8. For some reason that button is grey and I can't click it. Why's that?
  9. Thank you! How do I make sure that I'm buying it for the group? We have the total contribution 2048 and found two pieces of land next to each other. When I click "Buy this Land" it says I'll have 1618m left, does that mean it's being bought for the group since we donated both our tiers etc?
  10. Hello! I have been doing some research on this topic, but felt it would be best to make my own New Topic to get the right help I need and explanation I'm looking for so I don't feel as overwhelmed and confused lol. I'm premium and recently gave up my Linden Home, so that I can buy mainland for residential. What I need help with is a guide step by step on how to make two premium accounts combine their perks such as land sqm and prims. So we got a skybox that we want to make our home. I read that we need to deed our tiers and when purchasing land we need to make sure we buy it for the group. Do one person make the group then invite the other and both seperately find 1024sqm land and when buying the land buy it for the group and then we will have the total of 702prims and 2048sqm? Or do we have to buy land right next to each other, then join them (if you can) and then place the skybox on the joined land? Does it have to be 1024sqm each or how does that work? My goal is for us to not have to pay more each, that we can get the full usage of our premium together, and live in the sky, but I don't have much knowledge on land for skyboxes (if there's specific lands for that purpose alone) and in general what I found wasn't as clear guidance as I'd like. I'd hate to mess it up, and then one or the other get charged outside their premium. If this was too hard to understand or confusing just ask, and I'll try my best to explain! I appreciate all the help I can get. I've never owned land before, I've watched a lot of youtube, tried to find forums on this and found some things, I know how to search for land, buy it but the joining it, deeding tier, etc. I'm kind of clueless on how to do as you just read. Okay I'm repeating myself, I hope you get what I'm trying to do here haha! Thank you for your time and help!
  11. Thank you everyone, and thankfully it works now! Enjoy your day ♥
  12. Thank you so much for your help! ♥
  13. Sorry I'm not really understanding what that means, I'm still very new at SL so this is a whole new experience for me. How do I create a group, and what would that mean?
  14. I've never made a group before, but you've still been super helpful! I was wondering what this group thing was about because it's an option within the settings of my house. Thank you! I already did that so that works and we're set on which house so no worries about a sudden change from me or her on the mailbox lol
  15. Hey! I was so happy when I found the perfect Linden Home for me & my partner. Now my question is how do I give her full access to furnish the home? It would be amazing if we could make this our first home & decorate together, since she's definitely the genius when it comes to decor & furnishing. So, can anybody tell me if it's possible to give her permission to do this and how? Thank you!
  16. Oeasiz

    Genus Skins

    Hey! Like the title and tags says, I'm looking a good realistic looking african american skin for Genus. Thank you for your time and help!
  17. Hi! I was wondering if anybody knows a way to remove the ears on the Genus Heads, but cover up the hole it leaves? Thank you!
  18. I fixed it now, I did as Skell suggested with moving the ears more forward, and I moved them down a tad too + fixed the shape a little. Thank you all for your help! ?
  19. Not an actual gap, but like a "square" after the arrow to the beginning of the ear.
  20. Maybe it's time I get a new hairbase and some other ears haha thank you Skell! I appreciate your help ?
  21. Thank you for your answer Skell! I went over what you said and tried fixing it, but I'm still left with the same issue.. I took the hair off and snapped some photos of the placement of the mesh ears, and I even sized them up some but the main issue is between the cheekbones, and the ears. As you can see the ears placement is pushed forward some compared to the old placement of the Catwa ears, and it didn't change anything... So maybe it is just the shape of the face I've made that's doing this because it doesn't seem to be the ears placement. Any other suggestions of what it might be causing this?
  22. Hello! Reaching out to you again in hopes that you can help me with this. I'd like to know if this is a common thing for Catwa heads, or if I somehow shaped it wrong for it to look this way? Anybody has the same issue as seen in this picture below? If yes, how do I fix it or is it just Catwa heads? Thank you!
  23. Okay, well thank you for trying to help, I appreciate it!
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