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    Stop Visitors Flying

    Thankyou one more question please. If I deed the sim to the group would that effect anything that is already been placed on the sim by everyone living here. Only the group can create objects so all items should be rezzed under the group name. thanks again
  2. Norianah

    Stop Visitors Flying

    I have a sim with Estate rites and it is not divided into parcels. The Estate setting for fly is ticked to allow ( or else I can't even fly ). I have unticked the fly setting in The about Land. Only group members can place items here and in the group settings under abilties allowed to the group I have ticked fly. Evem when wearing their tags they still can't fly so I am asking is there a way that will allow just the group to fly. The land is not deeded to the group. Thanks for any help Nori
  3. I am so tired of Trolls crashing my computer. Is there any way I can protect myself from crashing due to attacks on my graphics card. I know this is being done on purpose as my screen totally freezes and I can't even log of until it says view chat or quit. Any help would be appreciated ty.
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