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  1. que has hecho hasta ahora?? siempre hay algo nuevo por descubrir, ya sea en sl o en rl siempre hay algo que aprender asi que es mas cosa de intentarlo que algo mas y ya si no se te ocurre nada hay un evento de caridad muy grande y muy bonito para explorar, venden un par de cosas geniales y creo que va a haber conciertos y mucha gente estas dos semanas, date una vuelta igual y se te pasa lo aburrida Mysterious Paradise Event! suerte
  2. Thank you everybody, actually i should said it before, i'm trying to change the color of a table, that's why i don't want to sit on it to change it. *Estelle Pienaar just a little bit, i'm not really good at scripting but i can follow almost all the instructions from avsitter, but thanks for your help, i'll give it a look and hope can understand it. *Fenix Eldritch ohh that sounds easy, i'll look how to try it and hope it works. *Qie Niangao sorry the confusion, forgot to say what kind of object i was wanting to improve with the script. Thanks again, for taking the time to read&answer, it seems i may do it better with your tips.
  3. hello, i want to know if can i get some help with a simple color change script that works like this: -touch the object -menu appears with the colors p/e: black, white, blue, green,etc... -i choose the color -object color changes that's all, just simple, because i already made it worth with avsitter but i want one that works with a touch, not after i sit on it.
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