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  1. Here is a look at some of my flickr work. https://www.flickr.com/photos/137656276@N02/
  2. Hello, everyone this topic has probably been already discussed in some other post but, i am using a 6doo head and would like to try Omega Asian skins to go with it preferably Chinese since i'm Chinese but i will go for Korean or Japanese also. Of course i have did some looking around on the market place and have found one creator alaskametro<3 to be exact and i love her skin also ikonic as well but im looking for more skins that are Omega and asian anyone have suggestions ? not many skins for 6doo..and i have tried some brands that make skins for 6doo but i want more realistic skin and not skin like Arata or [Luv] if you know what i mean. Thanks-
  3. Joshkora here is a picture of work i do
  4. IM Interested ! i need some good asian head shapes haha
  5. Asian males are okay for you? some people have a standard when it comes to ''Male models'' they can't look to soft in the face neither. please tell me what you are looking for in your male models because i am very interested miss ruby.
  6. what skin is that though? and what head is that ChadVorx
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