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  1. I created a avi by creating a Shape, a Skin, a Shirt, a Pant, a Jacket and Shoes. It looked like this: But when I take off my jacket, my avi lips is black. Why?
  2. How do you mean? Actually, I earn L$ in sl to support for looking for my job in real life. I don't use it for main job. I am looking for my job but now I is short of funds. So, I don't care that much about the profit. Now, I am only the student just out of university.
  3. Do L$ have to buy, I can transfer to dollars? And my profile, when I want to transfer, I will update information I see earn money on second life easier than typing captcha every day. Because it is multiform as collect coin, collect gold bar, fishing, portial park,... Second life look like a real life. Math is easy, too as 15-8 = ? 4-3 = ?
  4. If I have 2000L$, Can I convert L$ into $? I hear LindenX was stopped. I join Second Life because I want to earning money for my real life. Now, I feel very worry
  5. I am banned in Prouts Neck region. I think I am reported by a person at there. Can I contact with that person when I can't visit that region? I want to collect Gold Rush at there but I can't visit. I thank you very much. And I also want to ask a thing: "How long do banned active?" p/s: Admin move this topic to appropriate item, please. I am sorry! I am hurry!
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