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  1. Is there a way to send something from my test grid inventory to the main grid? Or do i have to upload everything again?
  2. Where can I find how to work with this flexi thing? Google only shows Marketplaces and YouTube is worse..
  3. i am probally misunderstanding something here.. but why does Avastar 2 creates a rig for me with 159 bones if i can't get more than 110 inside SL ? I rigged my avatar and SL is not recognizing my weights.. It was working fine before trying out the Extended armature (bento) =(
  4. Why isn't my normal map working? When i apply it, i can see through the model (wtf?) There is nothing wrong with it...
  5. I saw on youtube that there was some animated hairs. So, i wonder what is the best way to to it.. I am new to Second Life and noticed that the ways to animate things are not so exciting.. I don't know much about this Animesh, but it looks like is still in beta.. right? And then the other way to animate would be uploading the mesh on various forms and join them togheter as one so it looks animated... This new Bento bones can be used to animate the hair ? I would really apreciate any help.
  6. Thanks for the info! It helped a lot already
  7. This is my first topic, and i am new here. I am a professional 3D artist who works with Blender, and recently i have been requested to make some objects for the game. But i need some guide after uploading the mesh. Like, how to set up the textures, the materials (shaders), how to set the interations the object will have... all these things are done ingame, and i have never played this before. Could someone point me a guide please?
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