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  1. any recommendation , to a store that sells similar heads to catwa , but cheaper ?
  2. I am getting something from sking , im going bimbo look . Thats why i need feets and hands .
  3. So i have been messing around with a non mesh avatar , got introduced into the mesh scene by a friend , i got abar ebody 1$ version and it helped me to learn more about mesh . Now i am ready to invest in a full mesh avatar , i got the demo of the body i want to test it , and paid 99$ for the omega system kit . Now i need help with head , feets and hands etc . So for the head people recommended catwa and for the hands feet people recommend slink . Im asking for more tips and advices on this topic . And im asking for a list of the other items that people usually buy , like a must have list of items ( ao , hud , ...) Also any recommendation of a hair store ?
  4. I dont even remember what was the initial topic of this post
  5. i am looking for a partner that wont cheat one me , i am open to discuss the following : marriage and pregnancy . i am into bdsm but it is not necessary and i like my partner to be generous with me , gifts are always a good thing but also not necessary . and i prefer if we move in together . you can contact me in game or on kik same user for both . i dont share rl info or use voice , only looking for in game fun .
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