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  1. Because so many of you offered such good suggestions on the source of the invisible wall that appeared in my Linden Home, I wanted to pass along the explanation offered by SL Support. The wall covered a corner in my home, and in that corner sat a potted plant. I had resized/enlarged the plant when I put it there. Support said: "If you resized the object, it may have wound up resizing it's bounding box. Bounding boxes are, essentially, the "box" of space that surrounds the object. Consider it like it's frame. When you enlarge the object, the frame that contains it gets bigger. The boxes may som
  2. As a Premium member I live in a Linden home that I have furnished. Today, wandering around inside I ran into an invisible wall that prevents me from walking into one corner of the room: I bump into the wall, and my walking motion pushes me down the side of the wall. The "wall" encloses about 5yd x 5yd and reaches to the ceiling. I've been in that space before, and still have furniture inside it. The wall is not a prim I created and then rendered invisible (I've done that with a few light fixtures in the room) because it doesn't show when I go to World > About Land > Objects > Own
  3. Unbelievable! Such a huge wealth of information, and explained simply enough for even me to understand. Can't thank you enough!
  4. Yes, and I even found the scripts in the animation and went to edit > content > reset scripts, but that didn't clear the problem either. Of course, from time to time my animation mysteriously starts working again, but I never can figure out what restarted it. And then it goes out on me again. I guess I should have made a backup copy of the animation when I got it, but it's 'no copy' so I couldn't figure out how to do that. Worst case: I'll just buy a new animation, hoping it won't get stuck as well. Suggestions?
  5. My usual avatar has been using an animation (for standing, walking etc) for years. I bought a complete furry avatar, tried it on with its own animation, and then replaced that outfit with the outfit of my usual avatar. But now my old animation has stopped working. How can I get my old animation to work again on my usual avatar?
  6. I sail a sailboat, and I want to reduce my Inventory to prevent problems when I cross sim lines. I've deleted everything I can from my Inventory, but . . . 1) How do I delete items I don't want/need from my Library? 2) Will this make any difference to problems arising from crossing sim lines? thanks!
  7. In Sound & Media, all of the separate sounds, except Buttons, are on and Enabled. Buttons is off. Is that the problem?
  8. My Preferences>Sound & Media has the Master Volume On ('Mute when minimized' is not checked). And my Preferences>Chat has a check on 'Play sound' for both friend and non-friend IMs. (And the sound on my computer is on/not muted.) But I don't hear a sound when a new IM arrives.
  9. My mesh body has alpha layers for the body, skin, clothing and tattoos. It seems I need the body alpha layer on, but I've been putting clothes on and off without putting that alpha layer on. What's the function of alpha layers? Do they always need to be on? Does the sequence they go on/off matter?
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