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  1. I just noticed that when I turn the graphics setting called "Maximum Complexity" down and thereby "jelly bean" all the avatars that my frame rate tripled from 15 fps to 45 fps for about a minute, and then sunk back to 15 fps.  When jellybeaning first came out, it required your graphics card to do all the rendering work and then threw that away, with no net reduction in rendering work.  I thought LL was fixing that, but <REDACTED>.

    Correction.  My bad.  The drop to 15 fps was because I moved the window to the background to type here.  Performance really does increase nowadays if you jellybean everyone.  This is highly relevant for combat games.


  2. On 10/7/2021 at 2:41 AM, Sid Nagy said:

    If nobody reports a gacha machine still around, LL will not likely find them.
    The staff is limited and they have other things to do like not fixing what is broken.

    Yeah.  Its all about plausible deniability.  

    I would hope they permaban anyone who puts a gacha out, though.  Banning gachas is the best thing to happen in SL in years. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    Edit: I'm curious, how do you get 4096 m draw distance? Firestorm caps it at 1024. Is there another viewer that gives you more?

    Type in local chat:

    dd 4096

    Then your draw distance is 4096.  

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  4. Roleplay is like that.  Many people find RP and SL boring without conflict, so they work to stir up conflict.  Some of the most successful roleplayers I know--meaning those that still enjoy it after years--create a new Alt for each RP region they join (or dust off an Alt that they have not to used for years).  That way, they disassociate their 'typist' identity from their 'RP' identity.  They keep their out-of-character friends on their main avatar.  They clean their RP Alt's friends list each time they retire it due to a region closure. 

    Since you are new, the practical application is to keep your main account for non-RP and generate a new Alt for RP.  Over time, you will have several RP Alts and keep your long-term friends on your main.  

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  5. 5 hours ago, Solar Legion said:

    In short: You're an edge case. No one should be using such a high Draw Distance as a go to, day to day setting. No one should be using such a high Draw Distance for vehicular transit.

    Well, let me give you another example.  I have an Intel i9 and an Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti, which I bought as the top-of-the-line on 2000-series launch day (a Titan card overtook it some months later).  I have a custom build computer on the way with an Nvidia GTX 3090, but I doubt it will help much with SL; I'm buying it to render in Blender.  

    I am at a muti-SIM roleplay area.  There are only six avatars within my draw distance. I am only getting twelve (12) frames a second.  

    I am running the default graphics settings that Firestorm thinks I should run: 128-meter draw distance, one step down from Ultra Quality, which means Advanced Lighting Model on and Ambient Occlusion off.  

    The bottom line is SL performance is just awful in multi-region configurations, period.  You have to go to a skybox or a stand-alone region to get good performance, even with top-flight hardware. 

    It is the norm for SL graphics performance to be awful, even with great hardware.  Getting good performance requires you to have a region build that is itself a corner case. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    But… isn't draw-distance measured from the cam location, regardless of avatar location? If the cam is moved down to these spotter alts, then that becomes the center of the draw distance, right?

    The performance is inconsistent.  If you pop draw distance to 4096, everything works all the time.  At draw distance of 256 * SQRT(2), which is the SIM diagonal, sometimes radar won't let you cam to the spotter alt 2000 meters away.  It seems to change with server and viewer updates.  I have not tested it again this week. 

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  7. On 10/2/2021 at 3:33 PM, Solar Legion said:

    There is no legitimate reason - ever - to have your Draw Distance set that high. That is the size of four Regions.

    When on my standalone SIM, I put my draw distance to 4096 so that I can build from top to bottom without bothering to move my avatar.  I do have a couple of spotter Alts that I stand near the points I'm building, so I can cam back and forth with radar. 

    I have mainland experience and stitched-together region experience, and so I'm telling you from experience the only way to get performance in SL for combat and such is to have a single stand-alone region.  That's just the beginning of course.  You also have to keep inworld scripts low and meshes reasonable. 

  8. I have an object that will contain hundreds of landmarks (LM).  I will have notecards (NC) associated with some of these landmarks. 

    I have an algorithm that decides which LM to give to an avatar that touches the object, and that is working, which results in a string that is the name of the landmark.

    I then give the LM to the avatar using llGiveInventory(avatar_key, string_inventory_name), which successfully gives the LM to the Avatar.   

    I would like to give a NC same name as the LM, and then give both to the avatar.  How do I get llGiveInventory(avatar_key, string_inventory_name) to give the NC also?

    llGiveInventory(avatar_key, string_inventory_name) gives one item, and then terminates.

  9. Okay, I just upgraded to Sublime Text 4113.  I am getting the color-coding for LSL items but not the syntax help.  I see two options on GitHub.  Before I fumble around in the dark too much, does anyone have a recommendation?  Both options are several years old.



    I have the Makopo already installed in my Sublime 4113, but some functionality is lost from prior versions of Sublime.  Perhaps I should roll back?

  10. Usually, the IM gives me a SURL link I can click on to teleport to the object doing the sending.  I get this from a rezzer script I use all the time, but maybe its the script that gives me the SURL.  If you script, or have a scripter friend, they can use llGetObjectDetails() to get the object position for you, if its on the same region as the script or in some cases a nearby region.

    ==> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetObjectDetails

  11. 23 minutes ago, Kytteh Wytchwood said:

    Hi, I am here, enjoying the forum. there is one individual who has started to react to my posts negatively with the confused reaction, even though my posts are easy to understand with no confusion to be felt by anyone. I asked this person to reply with words instead of the confusion, which does not add anything beneficial to my posts.

    Their reply was a confused reaction to my post, which was not confusing.

    I don't know what I have said in other thread to irritate them but this is harassment, is it not?

    I had tried sending them a message first but they have messages disabled.

    Possibly because they target multiples of people in the same way I am being treated.

    I want to continue participating but not when I am being stalked by this person.

    I've also noticed their written replies to people are very negative.

    Am I allowed to report this person for harassment?

    Does getting a confused reactio0n give me negative points?


    Thank your lucky stars you are getting off so easy; the forums are an ugly place.  

    Look at the old 2003 through 2005 forum archives; they were about second life.  

    Now, not so much.  






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  12. 9 minutes ago, Finite said:

    Yes it's certainly all relative to the era. It's kind of like saying Abe Lincoln would be a republican in today's landscape. I think he'd have a hard time choosing a party. He'd be either moderate democrat or moderate republican I guess? 

    Aye, one has to keep up.  Politicians and others in the public eye can keep up, but once they die, they quickly fall behind.  Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa all failed to meet current standards in some ways, often by a large margin.  

  13. 18 minutes ago, Finite said:

    Im not sure if conservatives have yet fully drifted from the democrat party yet by the 60s. It wasn't until 65 the same year the Vietnam War began. It was a very different political time. Being conservative didn't guarantee you also being a republican in those days. In fact conservatives have been part of the democrat party historically much longer than they have been associated with the republican party.

    I think to qualify as a liberal you have to hold recent views.  I don't think even Karl Marx would qualify as a liberal these days.  Read some of his writings on race and gender and see what you think. 

  14. 47 minutes ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Thing is, this seems counter to any claim that the conservative establishment wanted to discipline those long-haired protestors simply for having fun. (To me it sounds like a modern right-wing rant over the dread "antifa" which, though wildly uninformed, is motivated by genuine fear.)

    I'll grant you that relative to this specific quote.  I would like to point out that the good Governor seemed more concerned with the young Americans than with anything going on in the war zone.  

    The relevance to Juneteenth is that those with money and connections could avoid the draft, or get enough college to go in as officers (cf., https://www.sss.gov/history-and-records/changes-from-vietnam-to-now/).  The disadvantaged were disproportionately at risk.  

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  15. 10 minutes ago, Pixie Kobichenko said:

    Do you mean average American “under” 40?  Not over?

    Insert "in the 1960s and early 1970s" if that helps.  

    Read what the Governor said just prior to the Kent State shootings to understand the mentality at the time.  You may not feel the love. 


    The very next day, "Twenty-eight National Guard soldiers fired approximately 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis."  The students were unarmed and 20 to 200 yards away, as detailed in the article. 

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