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  1. Hey Lil, thank you for your PM and your help. Much appreciated for thinking along. I'm not a FB user myself. Or poster as you can see in my profile since the last 9 years :-) I don't want to go "off topic" but people use it to msg others if they can't get online and their msg in-world are capped. It can be used to sell gacha's, group activities, events, advertising of creations and so much more. Gosh, creativity can be endless for open minds!
  2. Hey Qie, I hope it will go to the direction that they will continue investing in the feed because as posted in the thread to Ebbe, I see a lot of benefits for the community in-world.
  3. 1) it was my neighbor and his sexclub on a G sim, he is still there no action taken EDIT: first report was 2016 followed by many more. 2 Done that 3) Please read again its about mute/ block feature on the Feed. 3.1 ) There is a thing called "Trending" and which is public to anyone when you login. Not about the friends you follow or visa versa. designed to function of the feed is terrible as everyone knows. btw. 3.2) Deal with it? O_o I think your missing the point: I'm requesting something to improve SL. Same as others have done before me on Jira about the feed and block function. Because of the adult stuff that gets posted. Its about minors this thread . .... But anyway you've just proven a point a public profile is public whatever this person has on or in his/her profile, 4) Oh? 5) Again it is not about kids going to Adult rated sims its about adult stuff on G sims OR adult stuff on the Feed.
  4. I was just having a discussion about this issue and I had bought land on general sim, to find out there is hard core BDSM going on I send multiply AR's and guess what. LL never took action to remove this individual. Not to mention how much I had paid for this land. Feeds are not monitored, there is torture be(a)stiality and ince(s)t pics AND when I address this with my post (to get a mute / block feature) my post gets hidden from the forum for the questions to Ebbe about improvements of SL. So, I agree not a place for kids under 18 years old. Until LL proves to cope well with proper G M and A rated sims and AR:s in this matter. I like SL a lot and I do my bit for the community but I think you need to be honest and give feedback where it is needed.
  5. There is some info here, but I second these questions on the European law part.
  6. I second those questions as well In fact I would love to see all mainland continents to be connected one way or another.
  7. Hello, I'm a person who loves mainland and mainland traveling. My question is about updating AND improvement of mainland; roads, scripted vehicles and region crossings. Are there any future plans about this?
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