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  1. Hello!!

    I am looking for a photographer that takes "WHOA, THAT IS [REMOVED]  STUNNING!" pictures.  If you or anyone you know has had these reactions from people multiple times, I would love to schedule an appointment to have you take couple photos for me.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <33

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  2. Hi Nimue, keep us updated if you do happen to start that support group.  I've recently befriended someone who fits the traits you listed above.  She and I hang out almost everyday but conversing with her is extremely difficult and I think it has something to do with her cautious outlook.  Maybe if she were to be able to connect with other people she has more in common with, it might help her come out of her shell more.  It's hard making friends out there for sure so I think this is a great idea. 

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  3. The layout of this forum looked all too familar and then I saw 'Missed Connections" and it clicked...Craigslist.  I've been on SL for years but according to my status, I'm a noob when it comes to the Forums, which is true, I suppose.  Anyhoo, a string of events and curiosity revealed to me that there are families outside of just marriage and children.  Siblings and parents!  I have absolutely no idea how that works but if it's the same as RL (a best friend with a shared blood type and genes) then I am totally in and this looks like the place to find one.  I won't create a list of things I'm "looking" for because I'm not looking for anything.  I'd prefer not to have standards and expectations from a sibling, kinda like in RL.  I mean, be somewhat outgoing since communication is obviously important here and speak English, and we'll establish our kinship from there.  In case you have standards and expectations, I'm logged fairly often.  AFK at times but not for most of the duration I am logged.  I go to Frank's a lot, Substation,  the beach, poetry readings, church, and open mic/live music events.  I wear many masks meaning I blend in anywhere I go, with any and all groups of people, making the best of it all and always taking a piece of that experience and learning from it because there is always something to learn in everything we do.  I'm an avid reader and enjoy most books I can get my hands on.  Music is my heart and soul and is the keeper of my sanity.  Of course, there's more to me and my story than just music, family, and literature but should be enough as an idea on whether I am of interest to you or not.  Oh - and I'm not being restrictive and looking only for a sister, or siblings for that matter.  Any familial bond is welcome, or even just friends.

    Disclaimer: I am not a philosopher.

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  4. My eagerness to reply to this was evident seeing as how it took me 45 seconds to figure out how to do so (first reply ever to anything).  Anyway - I would.  But then, if I had to be honest, I'm petty like that.  Like you, I would want someone to inform me if my partner were doing such things because how else are you going to truly know their intentions?  I was out dancing with someone one night at Frank's and I got an IM from another lady from across the dance floor asking me if the man I was dancing with was my partner.  I replied no.  She then told me how he was IM'ing her, complimenting her and asking her what she was doing later so they could meet up.  Obviously I didn't care because we were just dancing.  Still rude to do that and even though he wasn't my partner, it still gave me a sense of his character.  I thanked her and made sure to let her know that I found what she did to be admirable.  What if he had been my partner?  So, yes, if I were getting hit on and saw they were involved after doing my profile creeping, I would most definitely be letting their partner know.  

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