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  1. Joystick's is brining HippieFest is back! That’s right! We’re bringing it back this year, baby~ Like, join us September 19 on Second life for a totally groovy time at PalmWoods city park and bring that cute tie-dye shirt with you. It’ll be a 4 hour set of 60s music, lingo, grass, and fashion! Come on with your flower child outfit and join our contest; L$1k on the board! Gotta be part of our VIP group so ask for an invite or use the URL below to join. Pin the date, don’t be late, and leave behind all that hate. Can you dig it~ ? Url for our SL location: http://maps.s
  2. Hey everyone! Tomorrow is National Video Game Day! (whoohoo!) And you know Joystick’s HAS to celebrate! We’ll be having a party on Second Life tomorrow, Sept 12 at 4pm slt, filled with VGM brought to you by DJ Sonari and a L$ 1k prize Best in Video Game dress up contest! Remember though, you have to be part of our second life group in order to join our contest! Ask for an invite or use the url below to join. You have to be 18 years or older to join us on Second Life, sorry kiddos~ Grab them 1ups and wear your lucky overalls! We hope to see you tomorrow~ Url for our SL location: http://maps.
  3. Joystick’s is looking for more creative and enthusiastic people to help entertain their growing public. What is Joystick’s? We’re a growing online community for gamers where people can share their love for games new and old. Our second life location is an 80s style community sim with our arcade/ club in the center of it. While the majority is made up of those in the furry community, we are inclusive to all shapes of life. Just please, no minors on sim. So sorry What’s the pro for working with us? You keep all the tips you make. Minimum 2 hours e
  4. ♪ Joystick’s Rockathon ♬ This Sunday, at 2pm slt, log in to Second Life for a chance to win L$4k! Join us for an 80's outdoor rock concert event in PalmWood City and show us who looks best in studs and leather in our Rock n Roll contest! 2-4pm slt: Rock n Roll contest SL URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odessa Plains/180/136/18 You can only win lindens if you’re part of our VIP group, so be sure to join us! And don’t worry, it’s completely free! Joystick’s VIP: secondlife:///app/group/c14da899-55c0-8cc7-c960-9937b3e01175/about Want more fun? Join our Discord Commu
  5. ◣◥◣◥ ◣◥◣◥♪♬ Joystick’s 5k Lindens Under the Sea Party ♪♬ ◣◥◣◥ ◣◥◣◥★ ╠●╬ WHO☀➩[☊]DJ Juston ╠●╬ WHERE☀ ➩Joystick’s Bunny Beach ╠●╬ WHAT☀ ➩ Under the Sea Contest ★ ╠●╬ WHEN☀ ➩ 6pm- 8pm SLT★ ◣◥◣ Come join us as we show our love for all things aquatic in our Under the Sea Party. Mermaids, sharks, starfish pasties, it’s all good! Just be sure to join our vip group before entering our contest board. L$5k is on the board, which fishy will reign supreme?
  6. This Sunday, join us for a day of fun in the sun during our Joystick's Sand and Surf event! Nothing says summer like building some sandcastles on the beach with your friends. Come down to Bunny Beach for a prim style Sand Castle contest! Let’s see what you can build with just prims and sand texture. Crowd voted favorites will be earning some linden prizes~ After the Sand Castle contest, the party isn’t over just yet! Put on that sexy yellow polka dot bikini or avoid those tan lines and go all natural as we host our SwimWear contest! Dance along as our DJ blasts some summer tunes and join
  7. Waka Waka Waka! Pac-man is coming to Joystick’s to celebrate his birthday with us! Join us on May 22nd in Second Life, as we recreate the classic Pac-man game in glorious 3-D! Explore the city of Palmwood, gobble up tasty flashy dots, and juicy floating fruits! Be careful though, there are sinister colorful ghosts out to get you! Who will be our top player and claim the high score! Then we'll wrap up the night with a DJ event; let’s show the big yellow guy some love by wearing our favorite yellow outfit! 3k Lindens on the line! 4pm -6pm slt : Pac-Man Birt
  8. Joystick's Arcade Lounge celebrates good ol St.Paddy day with a Best in Green contest! SLurl-> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Real Angel Bay/55/148/22 Join us with DJ Leon and Host Ava at 6pm-8pm for a night of fun and dancing! The board is starting at L$6k, so come around and see if you have the Luck of the Irish~ Hope to see ya there!
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