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  1. Thank you for answering. I know some ppl in SL easily get butt hurt for nothing. Trying to scare me off by saing my reply will piss people off forever is an excellent way to scare me and other "normal" people off the grid and make them not feel welcome. I did search the topic and i didnt find any answer. I didnt find any newbie forum either. I guess i suck at it but i seldom read this forum. Okay I give up.
  2. The area and houses are really pretty so good work LL! For me personally I will probably stay on mainland as I want to change house and garden now and then. To have the same house month after month is not my cup of tea. To be able to change my place when ever I feel like it is the most important reason I stay in SL. But for new people or people who´s not interested in changing scene all the time, the new houses are fab! I can relate to ppl who are tired of fugly stuff on mainland though... I myself have had to move around quite a bit when iv got new neighbours with "special" buildings... I wish more mainland sims could be themed. Ds I have one minute on my orb when its activated. Which it seldom is
  3. Hi Im sure this is a silly Q but I can no longer see youtube on my in world TV. Is there any work around? Or am I just an epic noob?
  4. Last summer day? I can feel a chill in the air...
  5. Im interested in the hoover stuff and have both watched it and tried it with a bot. Im in EU timezone tho so im not sure which timezone this is? Los Angeles?
  6. ay thanks I figured that out but my first ground was no mody s o I had to redo the whole enchilada! The one you visited is the new one btw. The sounds r very very important Thanks for the visit!! im a noob at it so a bit embarrassing tho
  7. My daughter can get motion sick in certain games actually (flat desktop screen). Especially if she hasnt disabled head bobbing but otherwise too sometimes. Iv never gotten seasick myself so Im quite sure i could use VR goggles without issues. Tho still the fps is too low, which is uncomfortable for some ppl, so they have to improve.
  8. There are actually a lot of hairs in the shop that are similar to SL hairs. I have to use freebies as im EU and there are payment problems if u are not US citizen atm. I dont mind, its beta and its free
  9. Its not much i know, but bear with me, its my first 24 hours in Sansar and I wanted to try to create my own experience/statement. It was easy to implement sound and quite a lot of freebies to start with. It was fun! And easier to both dress the character and build/place stuff in world than in SL. So a great newbie experience for me I like that the character is in one piece and not head, body, hands feet and ears separate to fuzz with lol. It will be exciting to see more char customisation. Tho the sound when I run around on the sand sounds like im running in high heels on a pavement that a bit annoying but easy to solve. Loading screens are a bit harsh still but im sure they´ll fix that. And im doing everything on my laptop on a vacation so my connection is less than good. https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/tillbakakaka/kakburken
  10. This discussion made me so curious i had to have a look for myself. So i created a small island and another place to (only published the small place). And it was quite fun to build and very intuitive. Clothes was gorgeous too and when they didnt fit i could "simulate" them and drag them up and down so they fitted. Grand! I have played some beta games over the years (mostly mmos, for ex ArcheAge and ESO) and imo this is fine. It reminds me a lot of Cloud Party actually. same sort of publishing ones "experiences". I miss Cloud party a lot so I think ill stay in Sansar and see how it goes. I wont invest in it for a while as i got burned in Cloud Party when they close down. They didnt have the muscles for continuing I think and got bought up by someone... i dunno who... So be cool, motion sickness will be solved with better tech/update frequency in a near future im sure:)
  11. A killer for both SL and Sansar is the lack of a good mobile phone app imo. (I have used Lumiya but quit when they removed it from viewer list). I dont need an amazing vr experience in my phone or anything like that, but i do like to have a nice app to log in, chat and do some basic stuff while out and about.
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