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  1. I'm looking for vendors of any denomination of Christian's religious items to place small displays and sales terminals in a monastic welcome center. There will be no charge whatsoever (though donations are graciously accepted once sales pick up), for the space, and I'll allow 100 prims per vendor (larger prim allowance and personal space available for a monthly freewill offering). Very attractive space provided in a G rated area. Space is on a large Monastic campus featuring modern architecture, a large chapel space, dormitories and several quiet, contemplation areas around a river. An excelle
  2. Nothin' like a pint 'o beer in the mornin'!
  3. Nearly half of a mainland sim, with LOTS of protected area around owned land. I've got 31,072 square metres in Brighton (Mainland - G) that is protected on one side by water, another by the road, and has a thin strip on back and down one side of protected land. It's an odd shaped chunk with a peninsula in the river, and a large flat area on a hill with another 2048 / 512 & 2048 metre parcels across the river. All are joined into a single parcel with a prim max of 10,667. 1/3 of this mainland sim is protected waterway, I own close to 3/4 of the available land and more than 1/2 of the availa
  4. Did any of you end up holding on to some of the old college or university buildings from sims that ran when educational institutions were all over the place? Or have any of you created / are any of you willing to create something of the sort? The ones in the market just aren't all that exciting. I'd like to obtain a few to make a small campus. Please Notecard/PM in game - fathertheo. Let me know your price, and let's meet at a sandbox so I can get a look at what you've got. Thanks!!!
  5. I should have been more specific. This says "Book 2", and I didn't ever see "Book 1". My apologies. I'd like to see the first one!
  6. I will be taking weekly confession (secondlife only, no real life confessions as the sacrament/mystery would not be valid over the internet) for those so inclined to RP that aspect of their second life on Wednesdays from 7:30 PM SLT to 9:30 PM SLT. If you need a different date or time, send me a notecard or IM with your preferences. I am unavailable for dedicated confession from the hours of 6:00 AM SLT to 7:30 PM SLT M-F, but can be available all day Saturday and after 2:30 PM SLT on Sunday. (I'm in the Chicago [CST] time zone).
  7. They announced different "premium" tiers. That would have been my first thought. The L$300 stipend would cost around $1.20 USD, so I would say $2.50 a month for the stipend and 512m land, but no other benefits. Then add benefits by shopping cart such as access to premium areas, $1.50. Priority region entry, $2.00 etc. so that if you were to get ALL of the benefits, it would end up costing the same, but if you only needed some of them, you'd have a cheaper subscription with only the things you will use. I would also add a "Makers" subscription that is tailored specifically to creators whic
  8. Very much appreciated. I have been looking for something of a Steinway quality. Thank you!
  9. Well let's have a read!!! The cover's awesome, the content must be amazing!
  10. I'd rather see it in their profiles than as their display names... But yeah, I feel the pain.
  11. Plain and simple, it's silly, and it makes no sense whatsoever to lower the cost of land tiers in order to try and persuade people to come back, and new people to join with a premium subscription, only to hike up the charges on the creators to make up what's lost in the land tier. It's the epitome of anti-creator customer service policy. There are other ways in increase revenue flow than to chase out the people making the game fun and more beautiful with their creativity.
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