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  1. Hi! So i called them again The Billing support, and to my surprise i got a really strange response. Representitive said, I told them that your Billing Page says that it (SKRILL) is supported and i am Using VERIFIED SKRILL with the Funds In the SKRILL Acc. Representitive said Like really? SKRILL is Right there on the Billing Page, SKRILL has a Page about SecondLife Payment, SKRILL Support even told me that LL has its own Skrill Support "skrill@lindenlabs.com" if you have issues with payment. (i have already emailed them twice now about 2 weeks ago and no response till now) I dont know what to do anymore... The ticket is still up.... Hoping for .... i dont know .... [UPDATE] This is their Final Response from the same guy who responded to my previous tickets. I am officially done.
  2. Hi All! So i called the support and they were very nice and listened properly to the issue at hand and they launched a Ticket, and Today i got this response from the same person who responded to my previous ticket mentioned in my Above post. So, I want to add 2 things here, The guy closed the ticket without even giving me time to add my response to this. Exactly what he did on my initial Ticket. 2nd, I already had a Talk with my Bank and Skrill, Both are saying there is no Issue at their End. (Besides, I am trying to Use skrill and the Funds are in my Verified Skrill Account instead of Bank) On a side note though, i asked my friend who is in Australia to create his own account on SL and try to buy L$, and he is having excatly the same issue. Paypal, Credit Card, Master Card nothing seems to work for him too. I am confused. All i want is to buy some L$ to spend ingame (Not to trade or Exchange or convert back to $, etc) Thanks and Regards! MR.O
  3. Hi All! I have been having issues buying L$. I have tried using My Credit Card (That i figured is not accepted because it being prepaid), And also my Debit card. (Both these cards never failed me anywhere online). Then i created a Skrill account got it verified. (Did some test payments someplaces which worked without a hitch), Also uploaded funds to my skrill account just to make sure everything goes smoothly (It has more funds than the amount of L$'s i am trying to buy) On second life though, its another story. It says payment method added successfully (Skrill) and verification transaction proceeds smoothly. Its still not letting me Buy L$'s and throws an error. "There was an Error Processing your payment". (System_Declined) I have already tried contacting Skrill they say its clear on their end, and gave me an email to contact "skrill@lindenlab.com", I am still awaiting their reply after 7 days. Also tried contacting support and they just said Without any reason, help, support what so ever. and they closed the ticket. Can anyone help me with this please. This is very frustrating. Best Regards! Mr.O
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