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  1. Hi been on SL for years, sometimes on my Laptop sometime on my bedroom PC. I've rebuilt my main PC. Now I'm having problems and SL crashes after a few minutes. If I stay still, I last longer. Preferences set to recommended or lower. PC = Win10 (64) 6 core AMD FX-6300/ Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 (Socket M2) MB/ 8G DDR3 memory / NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (4G) graphics card I thought upgrading would make SL better for me...in fact its made it worse. I'm using latest SL download and latest Graphics drivers (from Nvidea) Again I log in and ok for few minutes ( 2 or 3) then SL freezes or crashes. Any help gladly accepted. Sire Anthony Ps. Just a point. its not a broadband problem. My laptop and other Pc still run SL even with 2 screens.
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