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  1. I had this once, a reboot of modem sorted it
  2. 1. I like to wander and discover some beautiful sims people have spent time and money on purely for the enjoyment of others. It always amazes me 2. I like discovering new creators by stumbling across a mainstore not fighting for getting in an event then not being able to browse due to the lag and same faces 3. I agree redelivery on the market would be good and tidy up all the old stuff maybe into a special category of its own. Other tidyups too I think I am too young in sl to make a list of how to make it better. I am still happy wandering except maybe clean up some of the gr
  3. I feel like an expert on this subject we spent weeks testing as many beds as we could [which was fun at first] A lot of them use the same animations so its more a choice of style than brand as you seem to see the same thing agaain and again. We settled on a Kix bed because we found the menus unique and original and they had lots of matching items for the rest of the house. I wish we had thought of looking at sex sims, it might have saved a lot of time
  4. Today I have been jumping all over the grid making landmarks for fun/romantic/interesting spots to take my partner when he returns from a rl trip. I gave up on destinations and instead just typed random words into places search. Good fun
  5. and this is what all the sl wantabee Dom's don't understand. Hard as it might be @Tessa Danube you need to escape this. I am sure it is making you miserable and he sounds like he is on some ego trip
  6. I confess to being a forum lurker I guess this is as good a place as any to jump in. Hi
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